Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of Year COUNTDOWN Freebie

My school year has been done for a couple of weeks now. I had my traditional weekend of feeling gloomy that always comes with the last week of school. I mope around and feel this weird numbness all over because I've just said goodbye to my batch of babies. 

This year was no different than any other. I was excited about my upcoming and MUCH deserved break, but I was also dreading those last five minutes of the day....after our class cleanup time and our slideshow and our goodbye gifts...those minutes when my students would give me those last hugs and tell me they will miss me and they wished they could stay with me. One student asked if he could be held back just so he would see me every day next year. TEARS, TEARS, and more tears. 

Saying goodbye is tough. 

BUT, before those last sad minutes, there were DAYS of fun! When all of the standards have been addressed and all the assessments have been completed, you have time to just HAVE FUN! Some teachers are just naturally good at coming up with fun ways to spend the time, but others need a bit more help with the creativity of it all. I posted a picture of my class BALLOON POP countdown on my FB page and got LOTS of questions about what types of ideas I included.

So, here you go. The Classroom BALLOON POP countdown:

The idea of the balloon pop countdown is NOT new...tons of teachers do this. You blow up 10 (or however many you want) balloons. I did the last 10 days of school...some teachers do 5. It is really up to you.
Before blowing up the balloon, you put a piece of paper inside that has a surprise written on it. Then, you hang up your balloons and write the countdown numbers on the outside. I keep a piece of paper at my desk hidden with everything written out so I remember what I have planned for each day! LOL

This is VERY helpful because some things you may want to do require more prep on your part than others....

Below is a list of 20 ideas that you can choose from! Just click on either of these images for your free download. You can cut the strips below and put them into your balloons!

If you choose to play QUIET BALL (which was a class favorite this year), click here for the game directions....this is just one version of the game!

And, if the CHOCOLATE SCIENCE sounds fun to you, then check out my Chocolate Science resource! My class loves anything with science experiments....put candy with it and they will be MELTING in your hand :) 

Hope this helps you plan out your last days with your class! 

And remember, the great thing about teaching is that you will get a brand new group of little ones very soon! So rest up! :)

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  1. What a great post! I think I want to do some chocolate science!!! I am a sucker for anything chocolate! Enjoy your summer.


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