Sunday, February 1, 2015

Report Card Comments....Made EASY!

It's report card time at our school...if you are a teacher, you either have come to terms with the fact that this is something required of you, or you still feel like crying and contemplate quitting around this time every year. I am somewhere between those feelings unfortunately....

I don't know if there is anything as complicated as writing comments on a student's report card.
It involves so much brain power. If you are like me (and many other teachers) you may find yourself struggling with the most tactful way to address certain behavioral and academic issues. 

I think we can all agree that NOTHING written in the comments on a report card should be "new" to the parents. Emails have been sent, phone calls have been made, and maybe a parent conference or two have occurred if there is a big issue. 

Either way, whether you have something BIG that needs to be documented in the report card comments, or you are just required by your administration to include a certain amount of information here, it can be time consuming and exhausting to write comments for an entire classroom. Each student is different and it is imperative that your comments reflect that. Report card comments should never look the same across your classroom. These comments should show that you have taken the time to get to know each child and that you are putting thought into them. 

HOWEVER, sometimes, that's just tough. Bottom line. Of course you know these students. You are with them all the time. You see everything they do and hear everything they say. But, coming up with well thought out comments is just not always as easy as it sounds. 

For starters, there are always going to be certain students that you struggle to think of anything positive to write. And, you should ALWAYS have something positive to say about a child in their report card comments. Always. 

Then there is the battle of what you WANT to say, and what you MUST say in order to keep your job!

I've compiled a list of comment ideas to help you out! 

Below are some ideas and prompts for Academic areas and Behavioral areas:

POSITIVE COMMENTS for students who are on track and progressing:


is eager to learn new things
shows enthusiasm when working in class
is always up for a new challenge
demonstrates good work habits
completes work in a timely manner
has shown significant progress in...
is beginning to show progress in...
has great self-confidence/ is beginning to show more self-confidence
is not afraid to try new strategies
works well with peers in small group and partner settings
is becoming a peer leader
has become a much more fluent reader
is great at problem solving
does well with working independently
is a well-liked citizen of our classroom
makes friends easily
works hard and puts in his/her best effort on assignments
is a wonderful friend 
is becoming much better at remembering and following our classroom rules
has worked hard and shown steady progress in ___________
has done well with our ___________ unit and can now ____________

POSITIVE COMMENTS for students who NEED to show improvement and/or may be behind:


needs reminders to follow our classroom rules
requires repetition in order to retain information learned
would benefit from extra help/practice with ___________________
is not putting his/her best effort into assignments
has not taken part in our classroom discussions
needs help managing his/her time in the classroom
is not accepting responsibility 
needs reminders and signals to stay focused during lessons
is not completing work in a timely manner
needs to be reminded to raise his/her hand instead of shouting out during lessons

I have also searched and found some AMAZING other links to resources and comment ideas. Be sure you check them out below!

I hope that you have found this article helpful!


  1. :) These report card comments could also apply to information to be included in a child's iep "strengths and weaknesses". Sometimes you just need to think about how to word something just the right way- parents can usually relate...

  2. I've been using the Lakeshore comments for years! Great post!

  3. THis is great, Marie! Thanks. I'm going to check out Lakeshore.

  4. I love your sense of humor! I almost peed!!! LOL


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