Sunday, July 20, 2014


I am sure by now most of you, if not ALL of you, have heard about the amazing TpT Conference that was held last Friday in Las Vegas! Some of you may have even seen me there! (If I got a picture with you, send it to me!) 

What an AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING trip it was! I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more! TpT really is an all-around kick-ass company! The people I met, all the way from the TOP (Paul) to the likes of me :) were just as sincere and sweet as they could be! Here is just a glimpse into my time in Vegas:

Got to meet SO many fabulous bloggers and TpTers! Including Deanna Jump, Hope King, Whimsy Workshop and Greg Smedley! Not to mention, I carpooled from AZ to Las Vegas with Katie from Kindergarten Craftiness!

And, WOWZA...I met Paul in person...for this man to have created TpT, he is the most HUMBLE and NICE guy ever! He must have taken HUNDREDS of pictures, but still smiled and spoke so kindly. I also got to finally meet the ladies behind Fluttering Into First, AND Amy, from TpT!
My girl Tamara, from Mrs. Russell's room and several other bloggers went with me to see New Kids on the BLock...and YA'll?!?!?! THey still got the right stuff!!! :)

I also finally got to meet Valerie from GA Grown Kinders!
All in all, a FABULOUS trip....needed some coffee to keep me awake for parts though! LOL

Ahhh...Vegas...the last chance I'll have to get all fancy for a while! LOL

ANd probably the last time I'll be serenaded for a while too! LOL

If anyone out there hears of NKOTB coming to a city near you, my advice would be GO GO GO!!!!!!!

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time Marie. Love all the pics:) And NKOTB - added bonus to a really great trip. Also BTW I love your new blog design, it's adorable!


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