Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Currently and FREEBIES!

MAY...oh, sweet beautiful May....I have only 16 days left of school and you are just a sight for sore eyes! I love my kiddos...I really do....but the beach is calling my name and I could use a break from planning and emails and discipline plans and report cards and....well, you know!

Teachers just need a BREAK!

So, to get me in the spirit of May, I'm linking up with Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade for the newest edition of CURRENTLY:

Listening: much as I'd like to say I'm sleeping soundly right now, instead I'm finishing lesson plans and working on my blog posts...and listening to my son's sweet lullabies sound machine :)
Loving: That I am gonna see my family in just over a month!!!! I live across the country from my entire family, so when I go home it's a BIG deal.
Thinking: I need to hit up some Goodwill stores and Kirklands and maybe Home Depot to get some inspiration for a new bedroom design ON A DIME.
Wanting: What I ALWAYS WANT...enough said. lol
Needing: To laminate my centers for Cinco de Mayo!!! BUT, unfortunately, I'm also needing laminating pouches. I ran out and have been too broke to buy new guess what I'm doing this weekend since tomorrow is payday? Yep...exciting stuff.

Before I go, I wanted to highlight a couple of new freebies in my store, just in case you haven't seen them yet:

 AND, if you haven't checked out Kindergarten Craftiness yet, you are missing out! She is a new up and comer in TpT that you WILL want to watch if you teach Pre-K or Kinder! 

Kindergarten Craftiness

Here is one of her best sellers:
Early Skills "Clubs": Posters, Assessments, Recording Char


  1. Love the graphic with the minions! As you design on a dime don't forget Craigslist--I've got some awesome things there too : ) Congrats on 1500 followers on TpT (I kept reading) and have fun with your last month : )
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  2. Thanks for the freebies, Marie!
    Have a great family trip:)
    Grade ONEderful


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