Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Crafts and Cupcakes and a Giveaway!

Ok, before I start, I feel I should admit...

I am NOT a crafty person!

At least, I'm not if I compare myself to almost everything I see on Pinterest...and my friend Katie who can LITERALLY make anything from her own clothes to her kids' bunkbeds and storage cubbies!

BUT, I can do EASY crafts...and let's face it...busy moms and busy teachers NEED easy crafts!

So, with SPRING break underway, I had time over the past couple of weeks to get a little bit crafty. 

This is for all you CRAFTERS out there :) because, frankly, after completing these crafts I'm about to show you, well...I felt like a CRAFTING BADASS! lol

Now that I've talked up my projects, I should show them to you.

First up, I made an EASTER EGG WREATH! It was super fun and would be a great craft to do with your kids...just make sure an adult is running the hot glue gun. (Although, I'll admit...I'm a grown woman who has lots of glue burns now.)


Well, needless to say, after I accomplished that amazingly awesome wreath, I couldn't stop there...so the next day, I talked my daughter into helping me make some Easter/Spring themed cupcakes. It didn't take much. I just told her there would be icing, peeps, and jellybeans. I think I had her at icing though :)

First up....we made Peeps in a Pond, which would be cute for Easter, Spring, or if you do any sort of chicks or egg hatching unit. 

We used vanilla cupcake batter, blue raspberry frosting, and the original yellow peeps.

And, again, because now I'm feeling like a crafter AND a little like a pro pastry chef, I kept going...lol

and these turned out EVEN cuter than the peeps in the pond.

I used vanilla cupcake batter, green frosting, blue bunny peeps, and jellybeans....

Martha Stewart...eat your heart out! :) 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my crafting and baking adventures for Spring break.

NOW, please head over to my friend Tamara's page...she is having a WEEK of giveaways to celebrate her birthday along with Faith and Daina. These ladies are all amazing and the giveaway is even MORE amazing than my cupcakes...well, maybe :)
Click this image to go see the giveaway action

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  1. I LOVE the wreath, Marie and those cupcakes look amazing!!


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