Friday, March 7, 2014

Five for Friday!

Wow...March already?!?!? I have been swamped lately, but as of 3:30 today I am OFFICIALLY on Spring break!

So, here is a glimpse into my week:


My students are absolutely loving my new NOW board, and so am I! It has made math and phonics lessons so much more interactive for my class! 
This is the one I bought off of Amazon:


We also made our St. Patrick's day bulletin board. The class used paint to make their handprints, then when they were dry I let the students cut them out. The handprints made the rainbow. After that, I printed their pictures and gave them each a yellow circle. They cut out their heads and glued them onto the circles and outlined them in black. The coins on the bottom say "MY STUDENTS ARE WORTH MORE THAN GOLD"


I also finally ordered this cute TpT tank top... it's warming up here in Arizona and I wanted a cute new tank top. This is perfect! I can show the world my love for TeachersPayTeachers :)


This is just sad...I can barely type anything because both of my shift keys are now gone...thanks to my 2 year old...I am in need of a new laptop soooooo bad...but just cannot bare to spend the money. Looks like I'll be buying an external keyboard soon.


Just in case you need a laugh.... :)
My students always say the funniest things!
Of course the White House needs a bar lol

Stay tuned this weekend...Sunday I will be posting lots of ideas for St. Patrick's day to give you plenty of time to plan!!!!

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