Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unwrapping your Favorites: Holiday Linky!

I am so excited about this holiday themed linky party!

I missed the first day because I have been extremely busy with work and holidays, and...did I mention we bought a new house and are MOVING two days after Christmas?!? LOL...

So, let's get on with this before I fall asleep on top of my laptop and miss today's post too! 

Although we never really talked about the idea of "traditions" growing up, looking back it is clear we had some...

For starters, every year on the night before Christmas, my Mom would let us all pick one present from under the tree to open. Of course, she'd always tell us that she had final say, so just in case we happened to pick the present that was our "big gift" she could veto it. lol

Another tradition we had as kids was watching The Grinch when it would come on television. It always played at least once a week during December. 

Now that I'm grown and have two kids of my own, I have tried very hard to create new traditions for my family. 

One of my favorites is making Gingerbread houses together:

These were taken in 2009...My daughter was two years old :)

And this was taken a couple of weeks ago. My daughter is 6 and my son is 2. So fun to watch them work on their Gingerbread houses. My son ate most of his candy, but sister shared. :)

We also still have the same tradition that I had as a kid...we all open one gift on Christmas eve...and we all watch the Grinch during the month of December.

Other than our gingerbread house tradition, we also watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve and have hot cocoa as a family. We also attend our church "Christmas Eve" service...which normally isn't actually on Christmas Eve...so that way we are home the night before Christmas. 

Traditions are so important and I can't wait to read what some of your traditions are...let me know by commenting below!

OR, you can join the linky yourself by CLICKING HERE! 

I'll leave you with a quote from our church pastor: Traditions can happen at any moment and it's never too early to start a tradition. Traditions turn everyday moments into more.

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  1. Your babies are too cute! :) You can post about them any time and I'll read the whole thing! :) Love their sweet faces! :) I think Ryder had the right idea! :) Those gingerbread houses sure DO look good enough to eat! :)
    Thanks for linking up in the middle of all the crazy, exciting stuff that is going on for you! :)


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