Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh Hanukkah...and You spelled WHAT!??

Oh.....Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel, I made it out of clay.... (this song has been stuck in my head ALL day!)

If you haven't heard it, you can check it out here... My class LOVES this song and I share it each year during our holidays study.

Each year I try to teach my students about different ways that students in the class celebrate. This year, one of my students told me that her family celebrated Hanukkah, so I had her mom come in and share with the class. It was a blast and the kids LOVED trying the latkes and playing the dreidel game.

This sweet mom even brought in materials to help my students make an edible menorah!

Each student needed:
One graham cracker
9 pretzel sticks
1 spoonful of Nutella (or creamcheese if they had nut allergies)
and a handful of yellow raisins

She brought all the goodies and information that my class needed for an introduction to Hanukkah, but I may still incorporate a few little activities or easy readers into my centers this week. 

If you are looking for some awesome FREE Hanukkah resources, browse through these FREE resources I found on TpT! 

OH, and just because I wanted to share something funny....

I tutor a couple of students each week and we are working hard on building words. They think it is a really big deal when they can build a four letter word during our letter drop game. 

In my letter drop game, I grab a handful of letter tiles and drop them on the table. The first person to make a word gets a point. 

Who wants to guess what the first word was????


The first word I saw was NOT the first word one of my little Firsties tried to spell...

I'll give you a hint...

My one little girl said this: "Oh, I got one Mrs. Cote! man! You're missing a 'T'!" 

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  1. Oh MY! I'm thinking it starts with an 'sh'. :) Don't you love how they can spell "those words" and spell the as "da" or "va" or even "za"? These kiddos are so loveable. :)
    Thanks for the laugh! :)


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