Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Ideas and Freebies! Snowmen, Measuring, and more!

We have been having so much fun getting into the "HOLIDAY" spirit in my classroom! I'm lucky to teach at a school that still allows us to get into the cheerful holiday spirit....Of course, we can't talk about my favorite REASON for the SEASON, but the rest is all fun for my Firsties. :)

Take a peek into my week:
We just started our Measurement unit, so I brought in some Holiday Mint Chocolate M&M's for my students to use for some non-standard measurement practice!

I made a little mini-assessment for my Common Core Measurement lessons. If you'd like a short one page assessment for measurement, just CLICK HERE for the free download! AND, if you want to check out my Measurement packet, just click the picture below!

Another fun WINTER activity that I do each year is make "Snowmen in Arizona...AKA Melted Snowmen" with my kids! We read lots of snowman books and then we talk about what would happen if we tried to build a snowman here in Arizona. :) We even brainstorm ideas of how to make the snow! lol

To make the "snow" I use a mixture of 1 bottle of glue and about 2 cups of shaving cream. I mix it up and let the students each get about 2 heaping spoonfuls to spread around! Then, they put on the pre-cut pieces for the snowman's body.

Now, this next one is something I did at my church this week...Each month my church has a "Girlfriends Group" that gets together to worship God and have some fun with other ladies. This was the craft of the night! It was super fun and super easy! They had pre-cut the wood and painted it. We just had to put on the stickers and vinyl words. :) Now it's hanging in my living room by the tree.

And...lastly, I've spend my weekend getting ready for this amazing FREEBIE HOP! If you've never done one before, you are missing out! You just hop around different Facebook pages and click their tabs to grab freebies! I've collected over 20 freebies tonight. You have until tomorrow night at midnight, WEST COAST time. :) To start, click the picture below and it will take you to my Facebook page to grab your freebie! You'll need to click my tab up top that looks like this picture.

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  1. Wish I would have been part of the Ladies night!!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas! Smiles and stop by anytime!


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