Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hoola Hoops and Geometry! Book and Center ideas for shapes

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For the past couple of weeks my class has been super busy with shapes and all things GEOMETRY!

One of my favorite uses for Hoola Hoops is making a huge floor venn diagram...and this was the perfect way for my students to sort polygons and non-polygons!

And...of course, when talking about geometry and shapes you MUST read this book:

There are so many fun ideas and activities that you could do to accompany this book. Last year I had students create paper "shape shifters" and we made shapes that way.

This year, I gave pieces of yarn that had been tied and we kept adding one student after another...with each new student, that was a new side and a new angle!

They LOVED this activity!

Then, I gave out different amounts of small straws and asked students how many different polygons could be made using THAT amount of straws....it was so cool to see them work through this on their own. :)

We've also been working on partitioning shapes and making new shapes out of other shapes...for instance, if I have two trapezoids, I can make a hexagon.

Although my students did enjoy those types of activities, they were MUCH more excited about tangrams and making composite shapes and "pictures" from their tangram pieces. 

I shared this book, which is great for tangrams. 

My class became so interested in these shapes and how they could make so many different things...we ended up making a class book! :) 

Then, I took it a step further and turned their hard work into a short little video for YouTube...LET ME TELL YA! My students watched it today for the first time and thought they were movie stars...and you can't even see THEM in it! lol :) It's their pictures and words that they helped me write....all put together!

I'd love for you to take a look:

If you are working on a Shapes unit, my SHAPES packet is on sale the rest of this week ($3 off!)!


  1. Your unit looks fab! Thanks for sharing these ideas.
    Just Reed!

  2. Love the idea of using the hula hoops for a giant Venn diagram. I am going to steal/use that one! Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Love this post! Great ideas that I look forward to trying!


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