Monday, September 23, 2013

Super Hero Writing WEEK!

Wow...look what happens when school is in full swing and I get busy...I neglect my blog! I feel like I haven't posted in weeks, but it's actually only been about one week :) 

I have been DYING to get on and share with you what we did in my writing lessons and centers last week! I busted out my super easy SUPER HERO WRITING PACKET! I made it last year but didn't actually use it until this year with my First graders....And they L-O-V-E-D it!

My boys have NEVER been more engaged, and my girls had a blast thinking of super powers they'd have if they could choose! (think, "shooting rainbows" and "blowing real bubbles")....

I started the week out by asking students to think of all the super heroes they know about and brainstorm a list of super powers. First, I had each student brainstorm on their own and make a list. Then, as a class, we shared some of our ideas and made a huge list of powers...some, quite amusing! 

We also spent one day discussing ADJECTIVES in relation to super heroes and villains (we've been working on adjectives the past couple of weeks). 

And, I used this mini-unit as a chance for us to review the idea of ACTION VERBS!
Those verbs in the bubble were given to me by my students during our discussion of super heroes....I was VERY impressed!

I also let the students make their own city-scape using black and yellow construction paper. The students were put into groups and asked to make one city building with their partner. It turned out super cute!

Then, I printed pictures of my students and made copies of a super hero body I found on Google images for them to color. We added our super hero pictures to the cityscape.

They LOVE seeing themselves as the heroes :)

For our big project, I had my students work with a partner to create a NEW super hero. They had to use at least three adjectives to describe their super hero. They also had to use white butcher paper to create a picture of the hero and then write a paragraph about their hero. 

I have never seen them more engaged in a writing assignment....and their stories turned out SO good!

If you are in need of some writing inspiration or want to get your class more excited about writing, I would HIGHLY recommend a super hero writing week (or two)!

I hope you'll also check out my Super Hero Writing pack! It's only $2.00 in my TpT store. Click the picture below to see more:

Have a "super" day! :) teeheehee :) Yes...I know I'm corny!


  1. This post is amazing! You did a SUPER awesome job with the writing! Great work!

  2. You inspired a change in our current writing assignment and my kids are enjoying the superhero aspect! Guess what else?! I nominated you for a blogger Sunshine Award on my blog. Head on over to check it out and then you can play along on your blog. :-) Enjoy!

    1. YAY! :) SO fun! Thank you for letting me know!


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