Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Planning! Peas in a Pod, Math Journals, Super Heroes...oh MY!

yep....I know that's what I did for most of the morning and then the rest of the evening after dinner...
Not that I was behind, but I like to have at least two weeks planned out and I also needed to finish up my weekly "formal" lesson plan to turn in.

But, I was thinking...while I was home on this beautiful Sunday...I don't normally just share with you guys what types of things I have planned during my week. I mean, I show you some of the fun things...some of the wow moments...but just a normal week...?? Not really as much.

So, here it is...this is a bit of what I have going on for this coming week:

First up...had to grade last week's math journal tasks. Each week I give my students one or two math journal tasks as their math homework. Then, I collect them, grade them, and stick in a new one for the following week. 

I just use the cheap WalMart .17 cents spiral notebooks for my students' math journals...and then, I use my own set of weekly Math Journal Tasks:
Just click the picture above if you wanna check them out! I am LOVING using these as mini-assessments, homework tasks, and even class closure tasks.

Now, after all my math journals were set, I had to make sure I had everything I needed and was ready for this week's math lessons. We are currently working hard on place value and this week I am introducing the idea of subitizing as my math warm up.

I found a couple of fun and FREE math subitizing card sets on TpT. The links to those are below:


Aside from this, we are working on mystery numbers using clues and our 99 charts/number lines. We are matching base ten picture cards to their numerals. We are playing MAKE THE BIGGEST NUMBER with number name it! If it will help with Place Value, we are DOING IT! :) Last week, this week, and next week too. That is one foundation that is a MUST....

Onto Spelling/Phonics Work:

Each week our spelling list is directly related to the phonics focus of the week. This week our word list centers around the sounds of /ea/, such as leaf and bread. 

On Monday we do our Spelling list work, and then on Wednesday, we work more with our spelling list words. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we focus more on the phonics lesson itself, and not just our spelling words. I always make these cute "Peas in the Pods" with my students. They get to cut out their green peas and then they have to think of /ea/ words to write inside of them before gluing them to the pod. When they are done we compare and see how many words the class came up with altogether. 

My WRITING lessons this week are probably what I'm most excited about. Last week we spent some time talking about heroes in relation to 9/11. This week, that extends and we begin our SUPER HERO writing centers and lessons. I use my packet below as the framework for this two week unit.

During these writing lessons we will brainstorm adjectives to describe super heroes...we'll get to make a big list of cool super powers....students will have a chance to create their own super hero and/or villain....we will compare villains to super heroes...

It's going to be so much fun!!!!

I found a few ideas like this on Pinterest too, so we can tie in our ACTION VERBS along with those adjectives....
I'm not sure I can draw this well, but it's a great poster idea!

I haven't even talked about what our reading groups are going to look like yet, or what we are going to be doing in our Social studies and Science time...but I think this is a good start! I hope you enjoyed getting a little bit more of a peek into my week. 

And, as always...I'll be sure to come back and share those fun/wow moments from my classroom. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love your title... mine was pretty similar yesterday, lol.

  2. If people only knew how us teachers work even on the weekends!!!!!



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