Friday, September 27, 2013

Five For Friday: And LOTS of Apple Freebies!

Can you feel the excitement???

I am doing a happy dance today because it is my LAST day of school before I begin my FALL break! My hubby, kids, and I get to travel to Georgia to visit all of my family :) This break is well earned and well needed...and I have been eagerly awaiting this day. 

Let's get this show on the road with my Five for Friday...take a peek at my week:

Our class pet, Mr. Zip Hamperbottom, had some out of his habitat time this week. Now that he is super comfortable with the class, and the kids are super comfortable with him, I let him roam around a bit. :) My students BEG me to let him sit on their's actually really cute...and super funny! (He's a leopard gecko...just in case you were wondering.)

Did I mention it's my last week before Fall break??!?! :) Aghhh!!! Ok...trying to control myself...

My "sweets" Science packets have become really popular, and so I decided to offer a deal and bundle them! Instead of paying $3 each, for a total of $9, you can purchase the bundled set for $7.50! Just click on the picture above for more information! :) Your kids will LOVE learning about the scientific method with my sweet science packets! And...bonus! YOU WILL LOVE IT TOO!

I have come to the realization that losing weight for me is just plain tough. I am not one of those people that lose weight quickly, and I cannot lose weight by changing just a few things. SO, last week I began really trying to "eat clean", which, as a teacher who is constantly surrounded by treats is HARD....I am tired of talking about losing weight...I am ready to GET IT DONE! :) So, this picture is going on my wall in my bathroom and on my a reminder!

Are you in need of some cute apple clip art? What about LOADS of apple freebies and ideas for your apple week? Well, head on over to The Primary Chalkboard to see what Leslie and I have to share today...and take a look at this week's posts. Each day this week there have been APPLE themed ideas and freebies!

OK...this may have been one of my most random posts ever, so thanks for sticking around through the whole post! LOL...
See, I need a break!
Oh yeah...I'm on one starting this afternoon!!!

HAPPY FALL Ya'll! :)


  1. I hope you have fun when you travel to visit your family!!!


  2. Enjoy your break...mine is two weeks away and I seriously can't wait. I am trying to lose weight myself, but I have a horrible time doing the right thing when I have had a bad day at school, which has happened several times this week. i want to head straight to Sonic and get a large coke! lol
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