Sunday, September 8, 2013

Common Core Math Resources and Ideas!

Happy Sunday evening ya'll! I'm taking a break this week from my normally scheduled "Someone New Sunday" to share with you some ideas and resources for teaching solid Common Core math standards.

Some of this may be new to you, and some you may have done before...either way, I'm hoping it is helpful and gives you some ideas or reminds you of something you should be doing with your little ones in math.

Remember, I teach First grade, so these lessons are geared towards the CCSS for First grade mathematics, but could always be tweaked for K or 2.

First up: 100 Chart vs. 99 Chart

Up until this year, I had always used a 100's chart....ALWAYS. This year, however, our school is using the GA Frameworks as a guideline for our curriculum in CCSS for math, and they introduced me to the 99 chart.

Today is all about the 99 chart:

Now that I've been using it, I actually prefer it as I think it is much better at showing how when you make it to "ten" you must begin a new row. Great for helping to explain place value and building tens. PLUS, it also allows a place for the zero, so students still understand the importance of the 0.

My class has been using our 99 charts for SO MANY fun and rich math activities this past month. 
Last month I showed you this:
My students were becoming familiar with the 99 charts and cutting them up to practice using the numbers to build the 99 chart again. 

Well, this month, we have moved on to using the 99 chart to help us count on and count back, especially by 10s and 1s, as we have been learning all about place value.

Below: I actually used chart paper and made some really big versions of the 99 chart, but only filled in 4 numbers. Then, I had my students take turns choosing a number to add and finding where it would be located on the 99 chart. After they added it, they got to choose a friend to come up to the board and add the neighbors (1 more/1 less and 10 more/10 less). They LOVED doing this!

This is an activity from the GA Frameworks where students are put with a partner and given a 99 chart and  a spinner (10 more, 10 less, 1 more, and 1 less). The students both begin at 0, and then take turns spinning. They must move their piece based on what they spin. For instance, if they are at 13 and spin a 10 less, then then would put their piece on the 3. First person to 50 (or whatever you choose) wins. It is great for practicing 10 more, 10 less, and 1 more, 1 less.

If you need a basic 10 more/10 less/1 more/1 less spinner, you can grab this one for FREE! 

This coming week we are going to be focusing more on the number line as our featured math tool. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and come back to share ideas with you!

Before I go, I wanted to also share some worthwhile Common Core friendly math resources you may want to check out!

This first one is my Math Journaling packet. It contains 80 math journal tasked that are deeply rooted in First grade CC for math. I am using it this year with my class and am loving it! It makes great homework too.

The next resource is a website that I shared on my FB page last week. It is FULL to the brim of Common Core math resources and video links....AMAZING!

And, this one is from a seller on TpT. I just happened to find it, but it is perfect for finding neighbors on the 99 chart! 


  1. Great ideas! I agree with the above comment, it would work for my 2nd graders as well. Thanks for sharing.


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