Friday, August 2, 2013

Wish List Sale: Day 3

It's Day THREE!! I am having so much fun with this wish list sale! :) 
For those just tuning in, here is what this sale is all about:

Each blogger pictured above has went back to look at our TOP FIVE most wish-listed products on TpT. We will be highlighting ONE of those each day during this sale, and each day we do this, we will be offering that one product each day at a discounted price in our stores.

Today's TOP WISH-LISTED item from my store is my Oceans: Nonfiction Articles and Activities packet!
(for more pictures click the link below!)

There must be lots of other First and Second grade teachers out there who do an Oceans unit! :)

Common Core asks for a lot more student interaction with nonfiction format, and so I made this for my own class as part of our Ocean unit. I have gotten some really awesome feedback from other teachers about this one, and have had so many people add this to their wishlist.

This packet includes:
1. Ocean Animals Scavenger Hunt! Students will find fact cards and use the information to answer questions for a fact scavenger hunt.
2. Sharks Vs. Dolphins! Includes two passages, one about sharks, and one about dolphins. Students will read each, then write down facts they learned about.
3. Sharks Vs. Dolphins Compare/Contrast Fold n/ Flap (see Preview)
4. Underwater World: Kelp Forests (article and page for students to compare to land forests)
5. My Ocean Animals Booklet: Mini flip book for students to keep notes on each animal they are learning about.

Be sure to see what everyone else is offering up today, and come back tomorrow for more! 

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