Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wish List Sale: Day 2

Woop Woop! It's Day TWO!
For those of you that missed yesterday's post, here's the 411 on this sale:

Each blogger pictured above has went back to look at our TOP FIVE most wish-listed products on TpT. We will be highlighting ONE of those each day during this sale, and each day we do this, we will be offering that one product each day at a discounted price in our stores.

Today's Top Wish-listed item in my store is:

This packet has some great activities to add to a MEASUREMENT unit! It focuses on the difference between standard and nonstandard units, as well as some fun candy measuring and using a ruler to measure by inches. My students absolutely LOVE these activities, and I have gotten some great feedback on this product from lots of other teachers too! :)

What’s Included?
*Standard and Nonstandard Units Bubble Mapping (Use these pages to help brainstorm a list of different UNITS of measurement!) examples: Standard – inches, cups, feet, miles, and centimeters;. Nonstandard- hands, beads, shoes, hops, M&M’s.
* String of Beads! Measuring with Beads…
*Measuring with M&M’s! 
*Measuring with Jellybeans!
* How Many Hands? Measuring with Hands
*Connecting Cubes Measuring!
* Standard vs. Nonstandard Units! (A fun card sorting activity to help teach standard/nonstandard units of measurement)
*School Supplies RULE! Measuring with a Ruler
* RULER Practice! Using a ruler to measure and compare!
*Writing in Math: Why is Measuring so important?

Don't forget to check out what the other bloggers are featuring today! And, come back tomorrow to see what the featured item will be then!

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