Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Teacher: MY DAY {Bladder infections and Marshmallows}

Thank you to my friend Jessica, from Second Grade Nest for this fun linky!

I am super excited to be able to share what it's like in my daily life...and, as it would happen, today (the day I decided I would tote my camera around)...I had to stay home from school with an AWFUL bladder infection.
SO, it will be a REAL day in my life....the sick day for me....

My son woke me up at 6:00 am...you WILL NOT see that picture lol

We got dressed and ready, and I could tell I had a killer bladder infection....my morning pee was awful (I know...TMI)

So, after dropping off my son at preschool and my daughter at Kindergarten, I went for my favorite morning drink (since I was pretty sure the doctor was going to tell me to drink water all day).

I went to the doctor to get myself an antibiotic....I hate missing school, but this had to happen.

While waiting for my prescriptions I did what most teachers would do...I browsed my grocery store DOLLAR SPOT...I love that most stores are getting these areas and that they normally have lots of teacher items now too.

I made it home....I got my prescriptions, a gallon of water to drink (doctor's orders), and a big bag of JUMBO marshmallows (I'm thinking up a fun science activity for my class!). 

After playing around with the marshmallows for a bit, I have lots of ideas floating around and just HAVE to get them out!

And, while I'm working on my computer, I decide to also channel surf...daytime television really is pretty awful, BUT, I came across a movie that I can NEVER say no to:

He Just Isn't That Into You

I watched most of the movie, then took a MUCH NEEDED nap. I think one of my medications is making me very tired....

Around 3:30 I leave the house to go get my kiddos....
I LOVE picking them up after school. No matter how I'm feeling, it makes me smile to see how excited they get to see their Mama :)

At this point I'm wondering why I bothered cleaning up this play room this morning....

Dinner is almost ready! When my hubby is out of town, I cook very quick and easy meals for the kids and I. Tonight it was omelettes! :)

Bath time for the kids....so fresh and so clean :) I LOVE it when they are squeaky clean.

Someone is getting sleepy....and my son is too! LOL

Before my daughter can get ready for bed, she and I have to do her nightly reading...and practice her sight words. I'm so proud of her! She has mastered over 30 so far and she's only in her second month of Kindergarten!

Both kiddos are asleep and now it's time for me to check emails, write posts, and finish up that fun Marshmallow experiment pack! (Be sure you follow my FB for more info on that tomorrow!)

I am so excited that I finished this! My students are going to LOVE IT! You can click the picture below to check it out! 

The day is done...and I've drank almost the entire gallon of water. My science activities are complete. My meds are making me feel better, and the kids were both wonderful tonight. All in all, a very productive sick day.

This Mama is TIRED.....Lights Out!

If you haven't entered my fun Apple of My Eye, Stella and Dot giveaway, be sure you check out yesterday's post!


  1. Love this post!! All the great pictures. Bladder infection: I got the same text from my sister today!! She is afraid she will miss her third graders tomorrow. Ugh! Hope you are feeling better.

    Curious Firsties

  2. Awe adorable kids! Busy days!!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing!! So sorry you are under the weather! :/ Marshmallow science looks like fun! Love your science stuff!!!


  4. Hey Marie,
    Loved getting to visit you and get to know you! You are so adorable! And even more adorable are those little kiddos of yours! My word they are cute!

    I was so excited to get to school and print your brag bracelets! I can't wait to start slapping those on my Firsties! What an awesome idea!

    So sorry to hear you are sicky! But my what a busy day you had feeling so crummy! Bladder infection....been there, done that one a few times! ;0(

    I'll be back very soon!

  5. Hope you are feeling better. Nothing like the love of your kiddos to make all the pain disappear :-)

  6. Hope you are feeling better. Nothing like the love of your kiddos to make all the pain disappear :-)

  7. Ha ha! This is a great post Marie! TMI posts are my fave :) Seriously, it is better to laugh at our ailments rather than soak up the misery :)

    Teaching and Tapas: 2nd Grade in Spain


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