Thursday, July 25, 2013

These Teeth are Fallin' Out in First Grade! {freebie} this is something I've found out is sort of a love it or hate it deal....

I happen to LOVE pulling out loose teeth at school and even have parents who ASK me to do it because they are too squeamish! LOL

This year, on the very first day of school, I had a little girl ask me to pull her tooth. It was SUPER, I'm not sure how it was even holding on, dangly! :)

So, I got to pull my first tooth of the school year on the very first day....and I had some cute little surprises to give my student too! 

Last year I gave students a sticker and a small prize when they lost a tooth.

This year, I'm giving my students a pair of these super cute Tooth Glasses from SmileMakers!

These glasses are super cute, but if you aren't a fan of shades, they also sell the tooth necklaces to put the tooth inside of! :)

You can click HERE to see the Tooth Shades or take a peek at the rest of their stuff! I could look around on their page for hours! LOL

I'm also giving my students one of these I LOST A TOOTH brag bracelets! These are a part of my Brag Bracelets kit on TpT! I'm offering this page of bracelets FREE here on my blog!

To get all of them or to see the rest of the kit JUST CLICK HERE! 

To grab this FREEBIE: Just click the picture above, download, print, and laminate! Then, when someone loses a tooth, you can tape the bracelet on them! :)
I hope you enjoy this freebie!


  1. I love pulling teeth too!!! I think I am quite the expert tooth puller!!!


  2. You really are a Hands-On Teacher, huh? :) The glasses are really cute, I didn't even notice they were teeth at first!



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