Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meet Our New Class Pet (and a class pet Freebie!)

It's official! We now have our newest class pet. School doesn't start for another few weeks, but I wanted to get our pet all set up and comfy before the kids arrive. 

I am a HUGE fan of classroom pets, and have had several different pets so far, including fish, toads, and a gecko. When I bought our gecko last time, I should have known better! It was very pink with no spots, and looked completely different than the rest. Looking back, those were some pretty obvious signs....turned out, the gecko I bought had a parasite and died within 3 months. I was SO SAD! I literally cried....and then, my hubby laughed at me for crying over a small reptile.

So, you may understand why I am SUPER EXCITED about my newest class pet....

It's another gecko! A baby leopard gecko, which I made SURE looked like the rest and had spots...and a nice fat tail (that shows it's healthy). 

Take a look

I'm still deciding on a name, but my awesome FB fans have been giving me lots of ideas! 

I made this fun "Meet our class pet" freebie that I plan to use with my kids during the first week of school!

If you can use it, feel free to download it by clicking the picture below:


  1. So cute! I love its coloring. I'm sure your kids will love their new friend!


  2. So fun! Your students will enjoy their new pet. Wish we could have pets.

  3. You should totally name him Ferdinand or Leo... Noella says Lizzy!

  4. I love it! I wish we could have pets at our school! :(

  5. I am the ONLY one in our entire district that can have a class pet! They banned class pets years ago and grandfathered anyone who already had one. I have a tortoise in our classroom...so I'm good for another 100 years...haha. I've had fish (fail), hermit crabs (fail), African frogs (huge success-it lasted about SEVEN years!), and now I have Bruce the Tortoise, that I took off the hands of the school Psychologist about 6 years ago. He's SUPER easy to care for! The kids LOVE him and take him out on nice days for recess! Right now he's home with the family and "plays" in our yard with the dogs. I have pics on my blog and Instagram.
    Oh-and I cried when Charles (the 7 year old froggie) died.
    Enjoy your new pet! The kids will love him or her...
    wow, i just rambled on in a comment!

  6. I have a leopard gecko as a class pet too! Your kids will love it! :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives


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