Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's a Wish List Sale WEEK!

I was THRILLED when I found out that my sweet friend Tamara from 

told me about her Wish List Sale idea!

So, what's it all about, you ask??

Well, I'll tell you! 
Each blogger pictured above has went back to look at our TOP FIVE most wish-listed products on TpT. We will be highlighting ONE of those each day during this sale, and each day we do this, we will be offering that one product each day at a discounted price in our stores.

Today's TOP WISH-LISTED item from my store happens to be my BEST SELLER of all time:

Verbs on Vacation is a fan favorite, for sure! It is a packet of action verb practice exercises that can be used for independent practice/review, and also a few center activities. This is great for first and second graders.

This packet includes:
Verbs Show Action poster
Verbs Are Everywhere (verbs in different places)
I'm Going on a Verb Hunt (circle the verbs)
Verbs from Past and Present
Verb cards and Verb sorting mat for past and present tense
Can you Find the Verbs? Finding verbs in context
Guess that Verb! Act out the VERB (includes 24 verb cards)
Picture This! Write verbs to match pictures
The Verbs went on Vacation! Fill in the blanks
Match the Verbs to the Nouns that make sense
Beach themed writing prompt with verbs to use in it.
May the Best Verb Win! Choose the verbs that make sense.
Highlight the Verbs highligting page
Be sure you go check it out while it's on sale for 20% off! CLICK HERE TO SEE Verbs on Vacation! :)

And, be sure you visit the other blogs to see what their deal of the day is too! See you tomorrow for the next top-wishlisted item!

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