Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Peek inside my Classroom!

I have been SO, SO, SO busy this week with Professional Development/Common Core trainings...I've also been helping to get two new teachers on my team all ready for a great year. Add all of that to getting my own classroom cleaned, organized, and ready to go, and you got yourself ONE TIRED TEACHER MAMA!

Did I mention that Meet the Teacher was YESTERDAY???

I will be enjoying a long nap today and a nice big drink tonight as my own little pat on the back. :)

I wanted to just share a few pictures of areas in my room to give you a peek inside my classroom. I'll take more pictures of course as the year goes on! :)

I use flower stakes in each bag and put the students' names and birth day on a tag. Then, I put their stake in their month's bag!

I added our picture from our trip to the San Diego Zoo as a little family touch to our library area :)

This year I added the lanterns and vines! :)

He's hiding under his little cave, but his tank is lookin' SHARP! :)

OH, and I also wanted to share an idea I had for my "WELCOME BACK" postcards that I sent my students. This year I decided to make my own so they would match my theme. 

They were super easy and turned out really cute. I used cardstock pages that were pre-cut to the perfect size. Then I drew the divider line on the white side and added little stickers. :)

OK, now I"m going to take my long nap...I'll check in tomorrow! Don't forget to come meet tomorrow's SOMEONE NEW!

OH, and stay tuned Monday for a FUN NEW LINKY PARTY that I'm hosting!


  1. Your classroom looks like lots of fun! :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I love your birthday bags! I am always scrambling to get my birthday goodies out - so I'm hoping to get them prepared in advance this year.

  3. Loving all of your pictures. Your classroom looks amazing.

  4. I love your room! So cute, I have a wild theme too.

  5. Oooo I love the birthday bags - what a great idea (and they look great on the wall).
    Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  6. Your class looks great! Love all the animal prints!

    A View Into My Classroom

  7. Your classroom looks great! I can't believe you already had meet the teacher...WOW! This summer really is flying by...I need to get busy!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  8. OMG Your classroom is amazing! Where did you get the bags for your bday bags?


    1. I found those bags near the check out at my local Hobby Lobby!

  9. Wow! Your classroom decor is so exciting!
    Love it :)
    Mrs. Brosseau's Binder

  10. Your classroom looks GREAT! I'm sure your students will love it. The birthday bags you created are AWESOME!

  11. Love the birthday bags - I had never seen that idea before!


I love reading your comments! :)

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