Sunday, June 23, 2013

Someone New Sunday! Meet another FAB new Blogger!

It's Sunday Ya'll!!

Let's meet another new blogger buddy!

I'd love to introduce you to Ashley's blog

I just love her blog name : The Blessed OCDiva! :) Anyone relate to that one???

Ashley is a First Grade teacher with some fabulous ideas on her new blog. Her class had lots of fun this Spring with their baby chicks (too cute!).

Let's get to know her a bit:

1. How long have you been blogging? I have only been blogging on my own blog since May. However, I have been "blog stalking" for at least 2 years now!
2. What grades have you taught? I have taught 2nd grade  and now have been in first grade for 5 years!
3. Beach or Mountains? Both :) I got engaged in the mountains in Colorado but had out honeymoon in Saint. Thomas and I LOVE crisp, clear,blue water!
4. What is your favorite store to shop at for teacher supplies? I love Mardel because I can shop for teaching stuff but then wander over to the christian section and stock up on items over there...although my hubby may not like the bill at the end of it all! :P
5. What is the last item you bought on TpT? It's been a bit since I have bought because I have been trying to stock up my own shop and cover all the money I have spent the last two years!! 
6. If you had to sum up your life right now in 5 words, what would they be? Blessed, busy, organized, fun, simple
7. What are your links? We'd love to visit you!

Remember, if you are new to blogging and would like to be considered for my Someone New Sunday feature, email me! :)


  1. I love her blog name! So clever! I would love to featured as a new blogger but I can't seem to find your e-mail. Let me know! :)


    Teacher Talk*

  2. Hi! I love your blog, and I'm your newest member. I just started blogging in April of this year. I love your idea of featuring new bloggers because it's encouraging to get exposure. Please feel free to check out my blog:

  3. I definitely need to organize my math materials. This is a quick, inexpensive and easy idea. I just joined Ashley's blog-very cute name. I think every teacher has a bit of OCD and Diva!


I love reading your comments! :)

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