Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday Vacation Pics!

Wow!!! I am so super excited to post this week's Five for Friday! I just got home today from a WONDERFULLY relaxing week-long vacation in San Diego, and before I pass out, I wanted to post this! :)

#1 Take a little peak into my family's week in San Diego! We had so much fun. We went to SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, and of course, the beaches! My kids LOVED it, and my hubs and I had a great time too!

#2:, I'm not sure about you, but ANYTIME I go on vacation, no matter how much fun and how many drinks I have, I ALWAYS think of my class and/or future class. So, while on Coronado Island, after seeing ALL the sand dollars, I thought "HEY, I should get enough for each of my students to have one when we study Oceans."

So, I did! I collected over 30...then, when I got home today, I bleached them all. :) They are SO cute!!!

 #3 While I was in San Diego, I had the HONOR of meeting some amazing Blogger friends! And, one of those sweet friends made us all these cute little gifts! It was so great talking to these ladies, and honestly, I could have talked to them all day long!

#4 And, here is another "YEP, I'm a TEACHER at the BEACH" moment! lol
These were ALL over Pacific Beach and although my hubby laughed at me, I took LOTS of pictures so that I could show them to my class when we study Kelp Forests. (Click here to see my Kelp Forest post and pics)

Check out my newest flats!!! :) Another Target special
Aren't they cute?!

Ok, now, to sleep for me! :)


  1. I once made my family stop at an ostrich farm to get items for my class. Glad you had fun on your vacation.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I love your collection of sand dollars.. your students will be so excited to get those! :)

  3. Marie,
    Your beach photos are so beautiful! I didn't even know sand dollars were purple! I've only seen them when they're white. We do oceans in our class, too. I'm going to make sure to come back and show the kids your photos. Thanks for sharing!
    ♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties & Second Grade Smarties!♥

  4. I used to collect sand dollars all the time when I was younger. But the beach where we go banned it now. It's a $500 fine!

    Loved all of your photos!


I love reading your comments! :)

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