Monday, May 13, 2013

The Final Countdown and a little freebie!

Yes...some of you..if you are like me, may be humming the tune of Europe's "Final Countdown"

I definitely have a pep in my step and have been doing the happy dance today! Why?

Well, for starters, my last trimester report cards are COMPLETED and TURNED IN! Whew! Sweet relief...

Oh, and...

I only have 9 days left of school! 

It's official! 

We began our class 10 day countdown today!

This is what it looks like this year. I decided to use envelopes instead of balloons this year. 

Sorry for the fuzzy picture! I think I smudged my cell phone lens... :)

For each envelope, I have put in ONE card. Today, "day 10" of our countdown had a card that said

"EXTRA RECESS"! My kiddos were thrilled to have an extra 15 minutes to play outside!

Other cards say things like, "Bubble Play", "Shaving Cream Fun", and "Popcorn Party"!

If you want to print out my cards, you can do that by Clicking HERE! 

In other news...My little guy who just turned two is in FULL POTTY TRAINING MODE! My daughter was a piece of cake...but, he is turning out to be quite most boys are! Tips are appreciated!!!

More soon! I'm making a couple of new packets AND freebies this week! Stay tuned...And, don't forget to LIKE my FB page! I'll be sharing some FLASH FREEBIES later this week!


  1. Cute envelope idea!

    And I hear ya about sons. My son is soooo different than my daughter. He is a busy busy busy little guy!


I love reading your comments! :)

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