Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day {freebie} and Apple Fractions...

This week is just FLYING by, partly because we are nearing the end of the year, and partly because we've just been having so much fun!

This week we've done several cute projects, but I wanted to share just a couple with you tonight...I'll need to get to bed soon because we have a Field Trip tomorrow to the Recycling Plant! (Hooray for EARTH DAY WEEK!)

And, speaking of Earth Day, here is one of our cute little Pinterest Inspired projects:
It was the easiest thing ever and my Firsties thought it was "super cool" watching the colors run together after spraying a few squirts of water. :) Then, they had a friend trace their hands and cut them out. I made this Acrostic Poem page to go along with their Earth Day craft. They did a great job with their acrostics!
If you'd like a copy, just CLICK HERE for the little FREEBIE!

Oh, and this is just an AMAZING's a cute Earth Day song, but the pictures are the best part! This song is played to some amazing photographs taken around the world....very captivating...My kids were mesmerized!

Now, let's switch gears and head into my MATH world....I introduced the idea of EQUAL parts and HALVES today. I started by asking my class if they would like a piece of my apple. Then, I said....Well, I only have one apple, so my Tigers (a table in my class) will have to share it. I purposely cut UNEQUAL pieces and handed them out. The students kept looking at the apples and one kid blurted out "HEY, that's not FAIR!"
This lead to a discussion of equal Vs unequal parts. We used the traditional Piece of folded paper and picture of a rectangle that is partly shaded....then, I moved on to showing them how two "halves" make one "whole"....I showed them how I could take my apple and cut it in half, then put it back together to form a whole apple.

They really enjoyed seeing it this way...and then, I let them show me what "HALF" would look like on a pizza....and let them stamp "Half" of the apple....This was just my intro day, but now they are super excited and the seed has been planted for further discussions and activities! So excited!'s OFF to bed for this woman! :) I have that recycling field trip tomorrow and I want to be alert! :)

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  1. Great Earth Day activities, Marie! I just pinned for next year:)
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