Monday, April 1, 2013

Currently and a WEEK of Tips for GETTING Organized!

WOW! Happy Monday All! :)

I have LOTS to share today and so I"m just going to jump right into it.

First up, thanks to ALL who entered my little $10 Starbucks giveaway for the SPRING CLEANING sale :)
The winner was Katy Smith! Congrats Katy!!! I'll be emailing you soon. :)

Next's a NEW MONTH! Happy April Fool's Day everyone...hope no one was pranked too badly today. I haven't had ANYONE play a joke on me, but I did manage to prank my class with a pop quiz today. It's always fun to see that look of panic from them, then to hear all the sighs of relief and laughter when they find out it's a fake!

Anyways...because it's a new month, that also means a new CURRENTLY! Keep reading on afterwards for some fun with ORGANIZATION! CLICK here to link up for the Currently with Farley!

Let me show you my cute new lunch box!!! It's all part of me trying to get more organized and SAVE money by eating out less often for lunch! 

I am IN LOVE with my new lunchbox!!! It is making me get excited about packing my lunch again! Today I had carrots/hummus, springmix salad with oranges, and dried cranberries :) OH and my homemade vinaigrette.

Then comes the next part...which kind of links to the idea of the lunchbox... lol (sorry if I'm on the rambling train).

I'm trying to save money...we have been working so hard to save money for a house and this is the year....we are SO close to having our full down payment. I have a pinterest board dedicated to MY NEW HOUSE! It is HARD seeing so many cute things on pinterest and knowing I can't do them in the house I'm renting :( 


This is mostly for new teachers, but I guess could really be for anyone...(although, if you've taught before, you probably know this!)

NEVER teach in UNCOMFORTABLE shoes!!! Why go through pain all day and be so uncomfortable. Teachers have enough to deal with in a day...our shoes should NOT be one of them! 

NOW, stay tuned...I am VERY EXCITED about this week on my blog. I'm going to have guests this week talking all about GETTING ORGANIZED beginning tomorrow. You will NOT wanna miss it...

and, seeing as THIS is how my desk looks today...I will not wanna miss it either! 

***bows head in shame*** sigh....

SO, stay tuned for the LET's GET ORGANIZED POSTS!


  1. I have one of those lunch kits. I still need to work on getting organized enough to fill it up. I'm working on moving in to a house in the fall as well. Long story short it's not the down payment, it's increased monthly payments I'll have to work on. And be good. ;)
    AMEN to the comfortable shoes thing. AMEN. In fact I must say something about it a lot. My sister was telling me that my niece (she's 5) told her she wanted to be a "Librarian who wears comfy and cute shoes" like her aunt. #oops
    I will definitely be back as organization is ... not my strong suit.

  2. That lunch box looks amazing. I love how they stack and lock. That is perfect. Too bad I missed the sale. Congratulations on doing so well with saving. You can do it! Looking forward to the organization posts.

    Eclectic Educating

  3. The hubs and I just got our first house this year, and it has been such a blast getting to make it our own! Only wish funds were unlimited so I could do everything I see on Pinterest :)

    Teachery Tidbits

  4. I love your new lunchbox! Don't feel bad about your desk. My desk looked like that all last year, so I got rid of it in this school year. Now I just have stacks of paper coming out of my ears and onto the floor.....I do not want to miss this linky!

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

  5. HOw is it even possible that I wasn't following your blog before now {hangs head}... I love a pedicure and I go usually every 2-3 weeks. I wear flip flops to work every single day... there is an occasional day of Toms, but it doesn't happen very often. My co-workers look @ me funny if I have on real shoes...
    ...oh and your new lunchbox looks super nifty!
    Funky Fresh Firsties


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