Friday, March 1, 2013

A Friday FREEBIE! {American Symbols Fun!}

Friday Science??? No...not tonight! My class didn't have time for our normal Friday Science experimenting...

Of course, I'm sure you can all guess why....right?

Today was READ ACROSS AMERICA Day/Dr. Seuss Day at my school!!! And....on top of that, the afternoon was our school's Social Studies Day! Parents were invited to come in at lunch and eat with their kiddos, then read on the playground. Afterwards, they were invited back to our classrooms to check out what we've been learning in Social Studies! {This is where your FREEBIE comes in!}

My Firsties have been learning all about our American Symbols and as a culminating project, I asked them each to come up with a BRAND NEW symbol for our country. This was a "take home" project and they all brought them in on Monday. We presented them in class, and then today...during our SOCIAL STUDIES day, the parents got to come in and "VOTE" on things like:
Most Colorful
Most Unique
Most Kid-Friendly
Most Neat
Most Sparkly
Best Poster
Best Model

Here are some of them! My kiddos had some awesome ideas for new symbols, and it was SUPER fun to see all the different ideas.

This student said that her new symbol would be PLANTS because they are beautiful and there are lots of different types of plants, just like there are lots of different kinds of people in the U.S. :)

 This little guy said his new symbol would be AMERICAN Pie! His drawing was super cute, and he added these cool stars that actually lit up!

This symbol was REALLY cool. She chose two "infinity" symbols because she said "American will be here forever. The green stands for the plants and tress, the blue stands for the oceans, and the orange stands for the deserts."

This sweet little girl chose to put a religious twist on her new symbol. She chose the sun "because God is the light of our world and God made America" :) It was really sweet!

This one was probably one of the most first glance I was curious to see if he had followed directions...THEN, I read his paragraph, and it was PERFECT! He said his new symbol was the cactus because "Cactus plants are strong. They are home to many different kinds of animals. They have spikes for protection. Then he compared those characteristics to America! Very cool idea. 

This was SUCH an amazing ending to our American Symbols Unit. I'd love to SHARE the LOVE!!!

Would you like to do this project with your class???

Just click the picture above to get a copy of the PARENT project description page and an optional writing page :)
Hope you like it!!!
Stay tuned...later this weekend I'll be uploading a MEASURING MATH FREEBIE!

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