Sunday, February 17, 2013

Super Science! and...DIAPERS!


This is, BY FAR, my most requested experiment in class. I have students who have siblings that went home in years past squealing with excitement about this one!

What kid wouldn't like a Science experiment where it's OK to use the word "PEE"? 

Enough said...right??

This experiment is just one of the experiments in my Super Science: Hands-On Experiments and Centers !

So....this is how it goes down: 

FIRST, I start by bringing the class all together and saying...
"OK, I have a really cool Science activity for us....but you need to guess what we are going to be discussing!" 
Here is your hint: ***Then, I play a sound clip of a baby crying loudly. 

The students ALWAYS giggle at this point and shout, BABIES!! We're gonna use BABIES!

Well, not quite...BUT, I have their attention! Score 1 for the TEACHER!

THEN, I pull out a bag of diapers ( or just a few...I have a little one wearing diapers, so they are on hand for me
I toss the diapers onto the table, and then I say: 
"So, why would we need these today?"

At this point, the class will be eating out of your hand, BEGGING you to start the science!

That's when you can have a very nice discussion about DIAPERS!
I have included a "CAN, HAVE, ARE" page for diaper discussion :)
Your Welcome.

After that, you pose the question:

How much liquid...water....pee-pee...urine...(you get the point) can ONE diaper hold before it begins to leak?

Here are a few pictures from our class's science time on Friday:
I must say...I think I got a pretty good color there...although, it does look like this "person" should be getting a bit more water! lol (Food coloring is optional...but it makes the whole experience MUCH more real)

Have a student sit underneath the diaper while you pour the water is also COMPLETELY optional...but again...SO MUCH MORE FUN! :)

A view from above....

Our class results: We compared 4 of the same brand, just to get an average...MOST held 5 (1/2 cups), so 2 and a 1/2 cups of fluid before leaking.

Then, we opened those soggy diapers up to see where the magic happens!

After we looked inside, I showed students how you can get the SAME effect by using this:'s the fun part! How would you like to WIN this entire packet of Science goodies????? Including this fun DIAPER science activity?

Just leave a comment below and I'll come back and choose THREE people Monday night (2/18)! 


  1. Marie this is SO cool! I can see why the kids would be incredibly engaged during this lesson! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to sit under one of those diapers! Did any of those brave children get wet? :-)


    1. :) None of them got wet, but there were a couple of close calls! lol We have a blast, EVERY time we do this one.

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I'm really looking to get more science experiements into my class. We have science fair coming up and it's the first year my kids get to participate. I'm looking for some stuff to get them excited!

    1. Thanks Emily! Science Fair projects are always fun, and this one would be PERFECT!!! :) Glad you commented.

  3. OMG! I so absolutely must have this! It looks so fun, crazy, awesome, and educational! The kids will LOVE it!!!
    Heck I LOVE IT!
    I swear I would be the coolest teacher on campus!!?, LOL!

  4. Oh my! How fun is that!?!?!

  5. LOL!!! First of all had me at diaper! The food colored pee pee!!!! OMGoodness! My boys will die! :) Can't wait to see if I win! :) My favorite pic is of that sweet brave girl under the diaper! Anything for science! I will spread some bloggy love on this too! :)
    I am in love with your brains!!! :)
    Mrs.Russell's Room

  6. Omg!! I saw your blog title in my feed and you piqued my interest immediately {and I'm not even 7 years old!!} This looks like so much fun! My kiddos would go ga-ga over this!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  7. So excited to use this experiment with my kiddos this week! I am going to incorporate Steve Spangler's diaper experiment as well. We have a Science Day that our entire school takes part in. My kids will love this one! Thank you!

    1. I forgot to include my email. Here it is -
      Thanks again. :)

  8. Nothing better than getting your kids completely sucked in to a lesson and eating out of your hands! What a fun way to learn about science. No doubt this will be one lesson they remember forever! This is fantastic Marie!!!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  9. This looks like so much fun!

    Cathy I.

  10. What a fun experiment! I would love to win :)
    Teaching With Style

  11. Oh your kiddos must have just been loving science in your class! You are going to have lots of future scientists in your class based off these fun experiments!

  12. Wow! What a fun activity! The kids must of had a blast!

    Exceptional Kinders

  13. This is such an awesome activity!! I am sure your first graders love it. I love when science is exciting and full of learning all at the same time.

    Apples and Papers

  14. Thanks for all the comments!!!

    The winners were Tamara, Jay Pea, and Across the Hall! :)

  15. I imagine your students are talking about this lesson for many years after! I love it.

    The Eager Teacher

  16. There is a great trick you can do with the stuff in the diaper:

    1) cut open the diaper

    2) get the stuff (not the cotton, the other stuff) out of the diaper

    3) put it in a cup

    4) put a tiny bit of water in the cup

    5) let it set for like 10 secons

    6) through the "water" out of the cup, and see the magic happen!

  17. Hey,
    Just one word awesome. :)
    Never knew baby diapers can be of such fun to learn about it.

    Very nice share! Thanks :)


I love reading your comments! :)

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