Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh the Places Dr. Seuss Can Take you!! {Ideas to celebrate Dr. Seuss}

We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday during Read Across America Week  in my class next week! Will you? Dr. Seuss's birthday is March 2nd. 

I'm linking up with Stephanie from Falling Into First to share my ideas!

I'll start by sharing something I did with my class LAST year to celebrate. I didn't realize how much of a hit this idea was, until TODAY! I was searching PINTEREST for some Dr. Seuss ideas, and came across MY PIN...from my Dr. Seuss activity from last year! It has over 270 repins! WOW! I mean... I thought it was super fun, but you never know what everyone else will think! LOL

Want to see the fun idea...with pictures??? CLICK HERE!!!   

And for other ways to celebrate....I've pulled together some of my FAVES!

First of all...who doesn't love THE LORAX??? (I have a 5 year old who loves the I've seen it about 2,000 times) The book and movie are both great tools for class! You can use it for Dr. Seuss's B-day....and/or EARTH DAY!

Check out this super cute idea for your classroom door:
Dr. Suess....Super cute!

And, if you have "LIKED" my Facebook page, you can download almost 50 pages of LORAX and EARTH DAY Freebies by clicking the yellow apple tab up top (FB FAN ONLY FREEBIES)!

This is another cute idea for a Dr. Seuss door: 
Students will use speech bubbles to write what they want to do or where they want to go when they grow up...
Dr. Suess Door Decorating.....Oh the Places you'll go...Children write what they want to do when they get older on a speech bubble coming from the girl or boy in the hot air balloon :)

Here is an idea for a big bulletin board...this is what I'm doing this year instead of what I did last year (have you not looked at the link above yet? teehee)

I'm making a GIANT bulletin board that looks like a big Dr. Seuss birthday cake...think "Happy Birthday to You"...

This is the book I'm playing on....

It's about 7 feet wide by 5 feet's outside my classroom on the wall by my door. :) 
I had the kids help me put up some of these paper shapes and pipe cleaners....

During the week I am going to have out ALL of my Dr. Seuss books for the students to read. At the end of the week, they'll have to choose their FAVORITE Seuss book and write a "Birthday Card" to Dr. Seuss telling him their favorite book he wrote and WHY it's their favorite. We'll hang those all around the cake!
What do you think??? Love it, hate it??? I am LOVIN' this whopper of a cake!

Speaking of cake...let's talk FOOD FUN for Dr. Seuss day:

I think this idea for GREEN EGGS looks super fun, and VEGETARIAN friendly!
Dr. Seuss bday- vanilla pudding with green food color, Nilla wafer as yolk.  Friday behavior incentive for that week!  ***Interesting idea for egg-free green eggs and ham.  May have to find a substitute for Nilla wafers though.  Haven't found any that are egg-free.***

But, I also really like how these look:
Dr. Seuss birthday treat!

Either would be pretty easy for the class to help with!

And...I found these yesterday and thought of a way to tweak them!

This is the PIN:
Dr. Suess Truffella snacks.
Now...picture these super colorful treats above, but picture them MOLDED into BALLS, then stick a long pretzel in it.....Stand them up in a dish with beans or Styrofoam and they'll REALLY look like Truffula trees! I want to try this!!! I'm trying to talk my daughter's pre-K teacher into doing this one so I can see how they turn out :)

OK...there are LOTS of ideas for food and drinks if you search....but those are my faves!

What about MATH??
Here are a couple of Dr. Seuss themed math ideas:

This adorable activity has each student creating a glyph based completely on themselves, graphing class data and completing comparison math stateme...

Dr. Seuss Puzzle Printables $ 

And, a really fun Dr. Seuss GLYPH idea!

One Fish, Two Fish Glyph

Do you have any Dr. Seuss themed products you'd like to share with me and the followers who are reading this???We'd love to see them!

Just leave the link in the comments section below!

I'll leave you all with this:


  1. Marie,
    I LOVE the Wocket in My Pocket craftivity and writing activity:) Super adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing.
    The Resourceful Apple

  2. LOVE this whole post! I actually JUST posted a super cute activity that I did today with tons of pictures to go along with, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish."

    Check it out by clicking here!

    Thanks for having an awesome blog!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby


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