Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hall Pass! A Fun linky Party!

Do you have your "Hall Pass" yet??? I just stumbled upon this fun idea for a linky party! I was in desperate need of a hall pass. I'm feeling down and sinus infection is making me super tired and a bit brain-dead! HA!

So, perfect timing for a fun linky!

Let's get started:


One of my favorite products RIGHT NOW has got to be my Year of Monthly Homework Menus! I use it for my student's homework twice a month...they have to choose three different tasks each time. They love the choices and I love that they love it! :) 

A- Area:

My most favorite area in my class is probably the library. My students love sitting in the bean bag chair and we use it for our group meeting rug too. :) I redecorated my room over the summer and gave the whole place a WILD makeover! You can click HERE to see more of my WILD makeover :) 

S-Signal: my signal is something completely random that I started doing about 4 years ago. When it's time to get my kiddos' attention I make a noise.... lol.... I say "WOOOOOO HOOOOOO" and then, they all echo back "WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO" and I have all of their eyes on me. :) I "train" them to do this from the beginning of the year and it works GREAT! 

Our music teacher does something really cute too...when she wants the kiddos to give her full attention she says "HOCUS POCUS" and the students say "TIME TO FOCUS" and look at her. I think that is a great idea too!

S- Sanity:
So, my First Grade team is AMAZING and they help keep me sane. We eat lunch together almost EVERY day and it's our time to talk about life...get our minds off of work, and just relax with each other. I have an amazing team and am SO lucky :) 

So, what about you????? Go get your HALL PASS!


  1. I'm so glad you found me too!! :) Yeah! I just found your TPT store and I'm gonna browse! Super excited to make a new friend! :)

    1. :) That's one of the best parts of a good linky! You meet lots of new people! :)


  2. Thanks for linking up! I like your echo back! Sounds fun!

  3. I like the homework menus. I give out homework packets and this is the first year I have had parents NOT want more homework or different homework assignments. (Really, enjoy first grade will you can!) I'm wishlisting it in case my parents are singing a different tune next year.


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