Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Science: Mummified Apples!

We have had TWO major culminating activities for our Ancient Egypt unit.

One was MUMMIFYING apples! 

This is something I do each year with my class because it's easy and it gives them a better idea of the actual mummification process in a smaller scale and shorter time frame.

There are so many websites with directions on how to do this...and a few youtube videos.

One of the best websites with directions is: The Kitchen Pantry Scientist! 

She goes through all the details and includes all the history to relate it to!

We followed her steps and the kids had a blast!

This is what we needed: Large mixing bowl, Salt, Baking Soda, cups, tin foil, gauze, apples

I let my firsties help me make the NATRON mixture, then after I cut the apples into slices, they got to pick their slice and "bury" it in their cup with natron.

Then, they covered their cups and glued their SARCOPHAGUS pictures to them.

We also did two WHOLE apples with just the tops peeled (and a face in one)....One would go into a NATRON bath, and the other would be left with nothing on it.

Here were our large apple results:

Each student also go to "dig up" their apple slices after 7 days! They were amazed...literally how much smaller, lighter, and DRY their slices had become!

PERFECT example of science in action! They have a whole new understanding of the process of mummification. :)

I even made a cute little DESCRIPTION PAGE that you can have students use before, after, or BOTH!

If you've NEVER done this before and you teach Ancient Civilizations/ is a MUST!

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