Friday, February 15, 2013

Five For Friday (my first...and a Science Friday)

Yay!!! I love a good LINKY party, and this one is a very popular one! I hear all sorts of good things about it, so I'm super excited to join! :)


Here goes:

We have started our American Symbols unit and I gave red, white, and blue tissue squares to the class and asked them to make their own American Flag....turned out SUPER CUTE!

The idea of the "Math Mustache" was born....what better way to get kids excited about math than telling them about their cool new stick-on MATH MUSTACHES!!! :) They were super excited and it made for a very fun class! They were so cute too...they left them on the whole class and did their work just fine!

This is what our class made for their parents for Valentine's! The first flap has their handprints in the shape of a heart....then, the second one has their definition of "what love is..." and the third is a black and white picture of them in front of our Vday bulletin board! :) They turned out super cute!

Yes...these are full diapers! And,'s not really PEE! LOL... Today I did one of my MOST favorite science experiments with my class. I do it every year, and it's a "fan favorite!" It's an experiment to see how much water a diaper can hold...and how the heck they do that! lol  (I will be posting this experiment this weekend!)

The PERFECT way to end a Friday...I took my own to kiddos to a local spot to feed the ducks...Such a relaxing thing to do! My daughter loves getting the ducks to follow her around, and my son just likes throwing bread at them :)

Don't forget to "like" my FB page for some FAN ONLY freebies! I just posted a new one for DOUBLE DIGIT addition!


  1. I love those American flags! Great for President's Day, too!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I can't wait to see your experiment on the diapers! My firsties will LOVE it!


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