Sunday, January 6, 2013

Something New Sunday!

Today was my last day of Winter break...
WOW, what a B-U-S-Y break I had! I need a vacation now! LOL
It was wonderful to enjoy my family, celebrate together, work on creations, and just relax a bit. Now, it's back to a normal blogging schedule again with my Something New Sunday and then my Friday Science {with other things mixed in}.
SO, for my SOMETHING NEW SUNDAY, I wanna share a new recipe I tried yesterday.
***A little backstory: I joined Weight Watchers in November (yes, before the holidays) and I've been trying very hard to change my lifestyle little by little.
This recipe is a WW recipe that I made as our appetizer for a BBQ with friends yesterday.
I was really hoping it wouldn't taste too "diet" and it didn't! It felt like a huge indulgence, and I only had one of them!
Everyone that had one loved them!
And, for those of you who missed my post on Friday, I've ventured into "new" territory. I've began making digital papers for those of you who like to work on scrapbooking digitally or for those of you like me, who use them in your products. If you missed Friday's post, don't worry! I added a DIGITAL PAPERS tab up top! Just click that button to see some of my latest creations. :) To see ALL of them, go to MY TeachersPayTeachers Store! 
Here's one of my newest FREEBIES:
The winner of my little giveaway was Sharon from The Convenient Teacher! Congrats Sharon! I'll email you those papers tonight!
Come back tomorrow if you wanna see some great ideas for exploring Informational Text (common core)~

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  1. Those poppers look super delicious:)
    Your papers are very cute! Have fun making them, my creative friend! I know they'll be popular.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs


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