Monday, January 14, 2013

More with Informational Text and a RAP!

Last week I posted on Informational Text ideas and Tools, but I just HAD to show you guys what we did in class today! I was SO proud of my kiddos!

We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt for about a month now, and last week I introduced the various Informational Text Features.

Today, I used this book:

It was PERFECT for recapping the text features! AND, it tied in perfectly to our Social Studies theme.

Here are a couple of pages from the book:

Did you see that??? Pictures, maps, captions, bold headings, bold words....OH MY! So many great examples of text features in this book! It also has a Table of Contents and a Glossary in the back!

SO, after I showed the students this book and we found some really interesting photos with captions, I challenged my First graders. 

This was their challenge:

I put them in groups of 3 or 4 and gave each group a picture of something from Egypt. Then, I told them they needed to work together to come up with a good CAPTION for the picture. When they were all done, they shared them with the rest of the class. Here are a couple from today. I was HIGHLY impressed! They've learned something! :) (Did I mention, this idea is a GREAT assessment tool???) 

OH, and one more thing!!!! You guys, I found this Informational Text RAP on YOuTUBE and HAD to share it! I was groovin' to the beat and my students were completely interested in it! :)


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