Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK Day came a day LATE! :)

That's right...

Our class didn't do ANYTHING MLK related last week...we were so busy with mummifying apples (coming Friday) and working with our informational text, there was just no time!

Ever feel like that??

Of course! We're teachers...right?

Then, yesterday my school was closed for MLK day....which actually was perfect because I was home with two sick kiddos that needed their Mommy...

And, so today was our day to celebrate the life of MLK! We had SO much fun and there were some really cool discussions.

A HUGE thank you to Latoya from Flying into First Grade for putting together such a cute set of MLK day freebies, like this MLK bubble map page! 

You can CLICK HERE to go download the pack of freebies! Be sure to leave her some great feedback! It is such a useful pack of freebies!

OH, and do you notice some of the words my little guys put in their bubbles???
They brainstormed as a class...without any input from me...and my First Graders came up with these words to describe MLK:

Really.....FIRST GRADERS!!!! They really "Got" it after we had some discussions and watched a cute video on MLK. It was a video from Discovery Education on MLK's life....very kid-friendly!

HOWEVER...browsing YouTube tonight I found an EVEN cuter video that is WELL WORTH checking out!

After we watched the video and did our MLK descriptions, I brought my kids around me and did that cool egg experiment that's been floating around Pinterest!

I showed them three eggs: brown, tan, and white...(Then, I was somehow talked into giving them faces....silly kids)

Next, I posed the question: What do you think these eggs look like on the inside? Do you think they look the same, or different? 
All but ONE of my students said they thought the eggs were different on the inside....(I secretly love it when they guess wrong so I can see that look they get when they are surprised!)

It was a great chance for us to relate this to people....Although we are all different shades of colors and different colors, on the inside we are all the same. We all want to be happy and want to be loved and want to be treated fairly....

AND, then...I just couldn't help myself! I was on a PINTEREST ROLL! LOL

I tried to recapture that picture that has been floating around Pinterest....
This is my class HEART....

I am thinking of using this as part of a Valentine's DAY card for their parents! Maybe making it the cover??? 

What do you think?


  1. Hi Marie! I totally understand about running short on time. It seems that is how my entire year has been! We did do some MLK last week, but didn't get to nearly all I had planned. Also, thanks for sharing the video. I'll save that for next year. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

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  3. What a great post on MLK!
    I too was lucky enough to find Latoya's great unit and we are working on the bubble maps today!
    Thank you for the video suggestion and heart & hands idea! LOVE it and will definitely be borrowing it!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

    1. :) Thanks so much for the comments! The hands were a Pinterest Idea! :) LOVE to get my PINSPERATION ON! :)


  4. I LOVE the heart shaped with hands:) SUPER CUTE idea!!

    The Resourceful Apple

    1. Thank you so much Tammy! I cannot take credit for that idea...it's something I pinned last year on Pinterest and FINALLY got around to trying out! :)

      Love PINTEREST!



I love reading your comments! :)

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