Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday MADNESS this Week! (and an UGLY Sweater)

We'll get to the ugly sweater in a moment...I promise....
but first.....
WOW, it's been a WHIRLWIND already and it's only Tuesday night! I felt like I was in a fog all weekend with thoughts of Sandy Hook Elementary, and yesterday when I got into my classroom and all my kiddos came in...it sort of SNAPPED ME back to reality.
I still have an amazing class of kiddos and I am THRILLED to be able to teach them each week. This week we are working like little elves on our curriculum and holiday things! :)
Like these:
I took each of my kiddos pics in a PHOTO BOOTH set up in my room, then I put them inside the "picture holder" cards. Today I gave them a chance to decorate the cards :) This one is of course, just me and not fully decorated, but you get the "picture" teehee :)
Thanks so much to a couple of good friends, Tanja and Greg for helping me come up with the cute phrase!

And, these super cute, super easy PAPER strip Christmas trees...I got PINSPERATION for these...

This one's MINE :)

And, believe it or not...all I had to do was prep some scrapbooking paper strips and give my students some construction paper and glue sticks!
This is the PIN that I got the inspiration from:

And...keeping in mind this week is CRAZY BUSY....Sunday night I stayed up late stuffing little Christmas goody bags for my students.... 
I filled them with pencils, crazy straws, moveable erasers, tattoos, and candy canes :)
Now, onto the UGLY SWEATER....this Friday our school is having an UGLY SWEATER competition with the staff...and there are PRIZES available to win!
So, I searched at my local Walmart...then my local Goodwill, and finally went over to the "SAVERS" which is like a Goodwill, but smaller. I wasn't able to find an UGLY sweater at ANY of those stores! Well...not a HOLIDAY ugly sweater, anyway! LOL...lots of ugly sweaters, but no CHRISTMAS ones.
I ended up picking out this green sweater in the men's section....it has potential!

Next, I asked my hubby, who is REALLY great with things like this to help me out.
This is what we have so far!
Thoughts??? Is it ugly enough??? LOL Should I add more? OH...there is a huge stocking sewn onto the back!



  1. The mustache picture is cute! It was fun helping you come up with names :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. Loving the sweater so far! I would just search ugly sweater on the internet and see what else I get inspired to add! Good luck! It sounds fun. :)

  3. Love the sweater too! That sounds like so much fun to do as a staff! Wish we would do something fun like that at our school.... I think you need to add some mistletoe somewhere! (unless it's there and I missed it!)

    Love the cards too!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday break!
    Rulin' The Roost


I love reading your comments! :)

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