Sunday, November 11, 2012

Something New Sunday: New Resource!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend as much as I am...and I hope you have the day off, like I do, tomorrow! :)
On this beautiful Sunday, I'd like to say that I am SUPER excited and THANKFUL for joining Weight Watchers and losing 3 pounds this week! Yes....I know this has NOTHING to do with my blog...but, HEY! It's something NEW :)
Here's what I really wanna tell ya'll about though!
I have made a new TpT packet that I think is going to be an amazing resource for many of you! I know my team and I are sure gonna use it!
Anyone following my blog that likes to occasionally show a MOVIE in your class???
If you are like me, you do show movies EVERY now and THEN....
I just feel like the movies are not doing "enough"....they aren't very MEANINGFUL...and you know what???
Any movie...whether it's Disney or National Geographic!

This pack includes:
*Critic’s Corner: Review the Movie page (seen below)
*Make a MOVIE Poster
*Director’s Cut: If you were the director…
*Non-Fiction Movies: What did you LEARN?
*Happily Ever After…IF I could change the ending…
*Let’s Compare! Book Vs. Movie (for applicable movies)
and....MY VIDEO JOURNAL (cover and pages) so you can create a MOVIE journal to use year-round with your students.

This packet could be used with some First Graders, but it could also be used with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! It can be tweaked in many ways for many age groups!
OH, and if you haven't seen it or entered yet, I'm giving away a $25 Starbucks Giftcard! Just click HERE to go ENTER!


  1. Looks great! It is on my wishlist!

    1. Be sure you stay tuned for my BLACK FRIDAY TpT Sale then! :)


  2. I do really like your packet. I was thinking about your "Something New Sunday" post last night. And I decided to try some "bonfire orange cakes." Oh my word!! They were disgusting! But it was a funny new experiment.


    1. HAAHAHAAH! I literally giggled out loud when I read this! :) So funny!

      I'm glad I inspired you to try something NEW...even if it was disgusting!



I love reading your comments! :)

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