Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Writing Freebies!

My class has been working SO hard to improve in our writing skills....not only our handwriting and use of punctuation marks and capitals...but in the skills of MAKING LISTS and writing paragraphs!
We use the Step Up to Writing program for paragraphs and my Firsties are starting to really ROCK at it! We only cover "GREEN, YELLOW's, and GREEN" which stand for the Topic, Reasons-Details-Facts, and Conclusion.
I made these little freebies for some writing activities in class and thought I'd share them with you guys! Just click the pics if you want them :)
First off, this "MY Thanksgiving Grocery List" was made as a fun literacy center on making lists. Students worked with a volunteer who talked about the idea of a Thanksgiving feast. Students were then asked to make a list of what they think they would need to prepare a feast. They had to do this with a privacy shield so there was no stealing ideas. After they had their grocery list, they shared with their friends and tried to see who had similar items....and they had some FUN ideas! :) Several students were planning DESSERT only feasts! HA!
This is another writing activity I used to discuss the season of FALL! First we brainstormed and filled our white board with words that remind us of Fall....students said things like red, leaves, long walks, turkeys, feasts, family, cold weather.....
I let them choose their favorite things about fall and fill in the bubble map.
Then, they had to write a paragraph using one of the following topic sentences:
I like Fall.
I love Fall.
I don't like Fall.
Once they had their paragraphs they could draw a picture to go with it! :)
Hope you can use these FALL FREEBIES!
OH, and stay tuned tomorrow! I'll announce the WINNER of the $25 Starbucks Card with my Friday Science post! :)

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