Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Words: Poetry with Mister LEMUR! GIVEAWAY!!

Anyone ever had the pleasure of meeting "Mister Lemur"??? Well, it's not actually a Mr., as her pen name would suggest!
Jen and Hans are a husband and wife team who love to get students EXCITED about learning, writing, and reading! Our school was lucky enough to have them come out for an assembly, and I'm not sure who enjoyed them students OR me! :)
Meet Jen:
She was a BALL OF ENERGY throughout the assembly, and very nice to talk with afterwards! I told her about my little blog, and asked if she would mind me blogging about her and her books! She, of course, said yes, and then went a step further and gave me a PACKET of their Mister Lemur goodies to give to ONE LUCKY Follower!
Before we get to the giveaway, I want to share some background about Jen and Hans because I think their story is fascinating.
I've taken this exert from their bio for you to read:

Eating food from a street vendor was the worst
decision we made in Madagascar. Letting lemurs sit on our heads was probably the best.

 Seeking only affection and adventure (…and perhaps bananas), these cat-sized critters with soft hands, wet noses and insatiable curiosity walked with us for hours through the forests of Madagascar. When we paused for breaks, they climbed onto our heads or shoulders…presumably to see our perspective on their world. These lemurs won our hearts and minds with their unrestrained curiosity and friendly, accepting demeanors. For them, learning about people seemed to be a fun adventure. It struck us that this was how learning should be, and that lemurs could be great role models for us… and kids everywhere.
After our lemur encounter, we returned to San Francisco and in 2010 created a small writing and publishing business called Ringtail Learning (named for the ring-tailed lemur) as a "weekends and evenings" project to share curiosity-driven living and learning.

Our first book,
Mister Lemur’s Train of Thought, won a gold medal in a national children’s poetry contest. Mister Lemur was soon being featured on television and in newspapers from California to Florida for helping students to learn… "without feeling like they were learning."

*********NOW, let me be clear on this....I am not getting a kickback from this post...they are not asking me to post....I truly LOVED their assembly and my students couldn't get enough of their books and music. I am a fan! :)
You can visit Mister Lemur's Website for info on how you can invite Mister Lemur to your school for an assembly, and they also have a Student/Teacher page with several freebies to print and songs to hear! My kiddos LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their "Body Band" song!
OK, so, let's get down to business.....Here is what Jen and Hans have given me to giveaway to one of you guys:
The winner gets an AUTOGRAPHED copy of "Train of Thought" and "The Santa Claus Alarm", as well as a copy of their Scheming Lemurs CD where they have turned 12 of their stories into songs! And, yes, the fave "Body Band" is on there! :)
So, what are you waiting for????? Enter now!!! This giveaway ends Monday, October 8th! I'll announce the winner on Tuesday!
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  1. Idea #3: Sing a Mister Lemur Story!

  2. I've never heard of these books, but they look awesome! Sounds like your students thoroughly enjoyed their experience!

    Idea #3 - Sing a Mr. Lemur story! :)

    Cathy VerSteeg

  3. I accidentally hit "do it" before writing my name on following you! I've been following you for a little bit. :-)

    And special visits are the BEST. I had an author come to my classroom with her dog and my children loved it!

    Second Grade Nest

  4. Thanks so much for the new author!!! :) I'm looking forward to looking at their books.


  5. Thanks for entering the giveaway you guys!!! I'll be sure to announce the winner TODAY! :O


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