Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Science! (with freebie)

It's FRIDAY, and not just ANY FRIDAY....
It's exactly TWO WEEKS away from when I will be going to the Steve Spangler Science Boot Camp here in Phoenix!!!!
I'm counting down the days....
Can you tell I'm excited???? lol
Well, I AM!
So, what's on the SCIENCE menu today??
How about Sierra Mist and Raisins?
I can't remember where this idea "originally" came from, but it was not mine....I read it in a book years ago and have done it several times with my class.
For this experiment, you'll need:
Sierra Mist (or Sprite, or Seven Up)
Clear cups ---- CLEAR is important...You'll want to see what's going on in there! :)
Now, to start, I had students help me brainstorm everything we knew about both of our materials.
For instance, some of my students gave these ideas for each:
Sierra Mist: It's clear. It has bubbles. It explodes if you shake it.
Raisins: They used to be grapes. They are hard. They are chewy. They are brown.
It just gets the kiddos thinking about what we are working with, and it's also a great way to review DESCRIBING objects.
After that, I gave the students my STUDENT RECORDING PAGE so they could guess/hypothesize what they thought would happen when we put raisins into the soda.
Then, I had each of my table groups pour soda into their cups until it was about 3/4 full.
I asked them to decide who was going to put in the raisins, and that person had to drop in 10 raisins (give or take a couple). They need to do this all at once.
AND, what did happen, you ask????? The raisins will actually do a little dance, going up and down, up and down again. This will last for several minutes before it stops.
The "bubbles" from the soda grab onto the raisins, causing them to float to the top. Then, when they hit the top(air), the bubbles pop and send the raisins falling to the bottom again. This repeats many times!

For your *FREE* copy of the recording sheet to go along with this experiment, JUST CLICK HERE!


  1. Ahhhh we love the Dancing Raisins Marie and our kiddos go nuts when we do it! This is a perfect activity for this time of year too! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. I do "dancing creepy crawlies" for Halloween. Instead of raisins, I use cooked spaghetti that I color red and purple with food coloring. :)

  3. Dancing raisins is how I know it, too! I love this experiment. Thanks for the reminder!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  4. Cute! My two-year-old loves raisins and would love to see this. Thanks for sharing!
    What i have learned


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