Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something New Sunday (A NEW LINKY?)

I have been doing my "Something NEW SUNDAY" posts for several weeks now, and have been thinking A LOT about making this a biweekly linky!....sort of like Farley's monthly CURRENTLY, expect it will be twice per month.
So, after you take a look at my post below, I would LOVE to hear from you...Would you be interested in doing a LINKY like this on Sundays with me??? :) If I get a good response, I'll start it in two weeks!
My SOMETHING NEW for class:
I'm LOVING my new FADELESS Tropical Foliage bulletin paper!!!
I bought mine from LakeShore Learning, but you can also see it HERE!
Didn't it turn out GREAT on our "Wild ANIMAL" bulletin board? And, I can just roll it up and reuse it when I'm done!
NOW, for my NEW AT HOME:
I tried another new recipe...this one is from Hungry Girl.
I have heard from LOTS of my friends that they are trying to get fit, like me, but they still want to eat their yummy Mexican food.
Well, take a look at this....

These EXPLODING TAQUITOS were FABULOUS!!!! Want the recipe??? It's SIMPLE to make!
That's my 2 newest things to, let me hear from you about this linky!


I love reading your comments! :)

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