Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a DESERT in HERE!

Yep, my classroom is slowly beginning to look like a desert! (except for our newly morphed FROGS in their cute little more tadpoles! They are all grown up!)
We do a study of habitats, then zero in on our Sonoran Desert (we live in AZ).
Last week my kiddos began learning more about some of our most common plants, like these cute Ocotillo trees.
And, my favorites....these adorable PRICKLY PEAR CACTI! It's a lot of pictures, but if you'd like to know how to make them, just keep scrollin' :)

I started by pre-cutting two pads out of green construction paper for each student.

I also pre-stapled them together, but only on ONE side.

Then, the students stuffed them with a few tissues so that the pads looked like they were a bit puffy.

After that, we closed them all the way with more staples.

I passed out scraps of red paper so students could cut out the "fruit" of the prickly pear cactus.

While the students were working on their own Prickly Pear cacti, I had a slideshow of pictures of LOTS of real prickly pear cacti playing on my projector.

Next, they added yellow tissue paper to make the bloom of the prickly pear.

And, lastly, I gave them each toothpicks to break in half and stick into their pads for the spines.

They turned out pretty darn cute if you ask me! :) Of course, I made them up, so I'm partial! lol
 OH, and I found this PURE DESERT honey at our local Sprouts Farmer's Market. I let all my students taste it on Friday. Believe it or not, most of them actually said they didn't like it because it was "too sweet"! Can you believe that?!??
We are also adding some DESERT flair to our writing centers. I found these postcards at a CVS in the "touristy" section. They were only .29 cents each and have some amazing photos that are SURE to get my kids thinking about what they want to write about.
ESPECIALLY these two! *****shivers******
This week, we are focusing on our Saguaro Cactus.....As a former Georgia girl, I have to say...I am still amazed when I look out and see these tall "desert giants" growing wild!
Hope you all had a great Monday!

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  1. I did the tadpoles in my class last year. Did you get them from grow a frog?

    I read all of your weekly science posts and I love them. I'm trying to do a science giveaway on my blog and I was wondering if you had anything science related in your shop you'd be willing to donate.

    You can check out this thread on the TPT forum if you are interested.

    Adventures in Room 5


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