Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm BACK! With lots to share!

Wow....You would think that I lost my right arm. It's so weird how connected (hahaha) to my computer I am these days!
I have a LOT to share with you....starting with another WEDNESDAY (yeah, I's Thursday WORD PLAY idea!
I used this idea in my math class, but it would completely work in all areas of ANY class.
Anyone ever use the phrase "BIGGER IS BETTER"....
Well, this applies to VOCABULARY in my class. LITERALLY.
With the Common Core math focusing so much on vocabulary and Math talks and Number talks, we are really trying to focus more in class on the vocab.
This week, I used the vocabulary words and definitions from the first two chapters of our math book to make a JUMBO MATH VOCABULARY CONCENTRATION GAME:

I split my class into groups of 8 students and let them lay out their cards. They had to take turns flipping over the cards, just like in regular concentration, but each time they flipped a card, they also had to read it and ask the group what match they were looking for.
This got all students involved and they were forced to verbalize their vocab!
Afterwards, we used the cards to play "FIND A FRIEND". I pulled out enough cards so that each student had a card, and each student also had another students match (either the word or the word's definition). I had students find their match, then stand in front of the room. It was just another way to get them MOVING and LEARNING!
You could use this method with ANY subject. All I did was print out the words and definitions onto regular 8X11 copy paper, then mount the pages onto construction paper. To save a step you could also just print them on a heavy cardstock. :)
OK, now, for my REALLY exciting news.................
Yep, me!
Thank you so much to Deb at
Fabulously First
I won a $25 online certificate for Erin Condren! :) I cannot wait to get the e-certificate and shop!
I was beginning to think I'd NEVER win a giveaway, and then BOOM! Winner winner, chicken dinner! lol
My last bit of news.....I have found an AMAZING new blogger. She is a great "follower" too! Please take some time to go visit
Lisa at
Growing Firsties
She is always giving out a freebie of some sort, and they are very useful! Right now she's having a 31 Giveaway, and who doesn't love anything made by ThirtyOne?!?!?!

Let her know I sent you!
Be back tomorrow for FRIDAY SCIENCE!


  1. Ooooh - LOVE me some Erin Condren! What a GREAT win!! I'm getting ready to order a clipboard, they're just too fun!

    Thanks soooo much for the shout out!!! I really appreciate it!!

    Growing Firsties


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