Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Science and Giveaway WINNERS!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! WOW, have I got a COOL Science experiment to share with ya'll!
But first, if you entered my giveaway, CLICK HERE to see if you won! :) I have announced the winners.
Ok, now back to the science!
I took on this AMAZING experiment that I saw on Steve Spangler:

I thought this video was VERY cool, and I new my firsties would love it!

So, first we talked about nail polish remover and I asked who in the class had ever used nail polish remover. Of course, lots of my little girly girls raised their hands.

We talked about how it smells and then I asked them to look at the ingredients with me.

Note: The first ingredient is ACETONE.

So, then we talked about how the acetone is the "muscle" in the nail polish remover.

And I gave them a Science recording/hypothesis sheet that I made to go with it:

So, we talked about what they thought would happen if we put a Styrofoam cup into a pan of acetone. I gave them choices, then after they all had their hypothesis marked, I showed them the video above.


That's ALWAYS good!

THEN, I asked if they wanted to try it....and of course....


So, we took it all room has no ventilation....

The experiment worked PERFECTLY! Love it when that happens :) The Styrofoam cup dissolved in LESS than a minute!

Here is our video!

Pretty cool, right?!?!?

After that, we decided as a class we would try a regular plastic cup too. I wasn't sure what would we tried it!

Take a look:


It took just a little bit more time, but it dissolved the plastic cup too!
If you need a fun idea for science, I would DEFINITELY recommend this one! It is great for younger ones practicing the steps of the Scientific Method, but it's also great for older ones who can discuss the "WHY" behind it! For more on the "why" and "how" you can visit Steve Spangler Science!


  1. Marie, this is so cool! Thanks for sharing this great idea. Don't you just love awesome lessons like this :) The only problem now is how you are going to top it.
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I shared your post on my Thumbs up Thumbs down Thursday - as a thumbs up of course :) - because I really thought it was great stuff!

    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition


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