Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Word Play and The Frog Prince!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
We had an early release with teacher in-services to end our day today, so I'm even more tired than normal! :)
I wanted to share a couple of activities with you. First off, I'm bringing back WORD PLAY Wednesday!
Today my class did an ABC order activity with WILD ANIMAL word cards. I printed these cards off on cardstock and let some of my helpers cut them out. Then, I put the class into four groups and let them see how fast they could put the words into ABC order. They had a LOT of fun with this and it gave me a chance to see how well they work in small groups.
After that, I collected the cards, then passed them out so each student had one. I told the class that we were going to put ALL of the cards in ABC order by taping them to our board. We also each had an ABC order recording page (This is part of my WILD ANIMAL WRITING PACKET) to write down as we put words on the board.

They kids enjoyed coming up to the board and putting up their word. We would say each letter of the alphabet and ask if anyone had a word that began with that letter. If there was more than one word beginning with that letter, then the students had to figure out which of their words was supposed to go first. They did fabulous!
My class also talked about The Frog Prince today. It is something I do each year that fits in nicely with our study of Frogs and Toads. Today was a whole group reading day, so I read aloud the story of The Frog Prince.
There is a really cool printable version with student coloring pages and finger puppets of the characters: Click here for the one we used! I LOVED IT!
After we read the story together, I asked the students to tell me what they would do if they met a frog and the frog asked them for a kiss..... :)
I gave them TWO choices: YES! PUCKER UP!       OR        NO! GROSS!
Each student chose their answer card and we taped them to our paper/chart.
I had 16 PUCKER UPS, and 9 EW GROSS! :)
My next step???? Have each person that said PUCKER UP take a picture like this:
and if they said EW GROSS, then I will ask them to make a YUCKY face! I'll hang their pictures with the class response chart as a cute bulletin.
ONE LAST THING before I go....
Have you seen this yet???
Miss Kindergarten is giving away the CUTEST handmade classroom apron today!!! Be sure you go over and enter to win! :) It's SUPER ADORABLE!


  1. Love the frog prince idea! Those pictures are going to be hilarious! Can't wait to see more Word Play Wednesday's in the future!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

    1. :) THanks so much! I have done several of these Wednesday Word plays, but I do sometimes get sidetracked! LOL



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