Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ughhhhh....I'm Calling in Sick!

Yep.....this picture actually looks BETTER than me right now. I was out sick yesterday, I'm on my third day of antibiotics, and I am feeling AWFUL!!!

I went to school today because I felt bad for missing yesterday. Should I have went today??? No...but, I also had Back to School/Curriculum night tonight and I just couldn't miss it. Do I feel worse now? ABSOLUTELY!

The night went fantastic, and most parents felt really sorry for me, so they spared me lots of questions. I warned them in the beginning that if I coughed, it may be over, as I would not be able to stop! lol

I really do have some amazingly nice parents!

But, it doesn't change the fact that I feel like the above picture....and look even worse!

I have nothing new and cool to share tonight...no energy to blog hop....nadda....Sorry gals!

 With any luck, I'll be sleeping ALL day while my kiddos are at school and daycare, and I'll be on my way to recovery by Thursday!

Miss you guys!



  1. Take the rest of the week off and get better!!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. Oh, my thoughts are with you Marie! Yuck...I always feel worse for not being at school, but I think you should not feel bad at ALL for taking some time off to get better! You poor lady:(
    Synonym Rolls & Antonym Moments

  3. Oh you poor thing!! It's so hard to take time off during busy times of the year (like right now) but your body really does need the rest before your new flock comes in. Try to rest and I hope you are feeling SO much better very very soon!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  4. No one does it like us, so that's why we all go in sicker than dogs. I hope you were able to rest a lot today! Feel better!


  5. I hope you feel better soon. It is never fun being a teacher and sick. Substitute plans are the worst.

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  6. Oh no... I hope you feel better. I know it is never fun to feel like you are behind at the beginning of the year. I bet you will catch up and be ready for the start of the year.
    Wonderful that you met your students and their great families. Our BTS night was tonight and I am tired.

    *newest follower

    I do, We Do, You Do!


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