Monday, August 20, 2012

Requested Class Signs and Button Sorting

I'm not sure how many of you saw my post a few months ago, but I have created several cute and FREE classroom signs/posters. If you want to see ALL of them, just click the Classroom Signs tab at the top of my blog.

Now, I've had a few requests for a Fourth grade sign, so I made one for you 4th grade teachers! :)

Just click the picture if you wanna download it! :)

I also made this cute new one for any grade level:

Click the picture to download it for free!

Ok, now onto my "Button Sorting" as the title of my blog said...yes...I know, it's a random title! lol

My class is working with the book, Frog and Toad are Friends. LOTS of you use this book in First grade...right? We use it to study Friendship, but also tie in our Frog/Amphibians unit. We have been taking it story by story and with each story, I have a certain set of activities that I've created to go along with it.
Frog and Toad Are Friends (I Can Read Book 2)

Today's story was A Lost Button. In the story, Toad loses a button from his jacket and goes out to find it with Frog. In the end, his button was at home all along.

We talked about how Toad described his button to his friends:

white (color)

thick (size)

round (shape)

four holes

Then, I pulled out my big container of BUTTONS:


I collect buttons from outfits that come with extras, arts and crafts projects, and anytime someone has a stash at yardsales. They come in handy!


First I put my class in partners, then I gave them each a large piece of white construction paper. Next, I gave each set of kids a cup of buttons and asked them to think of all the different ways they could sort them. I let them choose how they wanted to sort the buttons.

This group decided to group them based on the number of holes they had in them.

Other groups decided to group them based on their size, their color, and even by texture (smooth or rough).

After about 15 minutes of sorting in different ways, I asked each student to choose their MOST Favorite button.

Then, I had them describe their button, just like Toad described his button in the story.

I gave them paper to draw their button and write their descriptions.
My camera flash made this one hard to read, but she wrote:
This is my button.
It has no holes.
It is pink and golden.
It is a circle.
I like the button because it is pink and gold.

After everyone made their descriptions I collected their pages and the buttons. I then made this interactive bulletin board where they can read the descriptions, then see if they can figure out who is describing which button!

The printed sign says: Buttons, Buttons, Big or Small, Can you tell which button is mine on the wall?

My class had a lot of fun with this activity, and a button sorting/describing activity can work for lots of different grade levels. The sorting can be simple or more complex. The descriptions can also be simple or more complex!

Hope you can use this!

One more random (BUT COOL) thing....if you need some inspiration for your classroom, visit The School Supply Addict for LOTS of classroom pictures and ideas, including my classroom!


  1. Love the signs

    We always sort buttons during math and the kiddies really get a kick out of them
    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Shuna P

  2. Marie, thanks for the signs. I love visual displays, especially ones with positive sayings. The button idea is also terrific. I can do this as an integrated writing and grammar lesson. Using descriptive words is always a favorite of young writers. I pinned this great idea! Thanks so much!

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

    1. Thanks Lori!!! This would make a great descriptive word lesson! You're right...


I love reading your comments! :)

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