Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ode to the Magnetic Board

I'm in love....
Yep, I'm completely infatuated with my new classroom MAGNETIC WHITEBOARD!
I'm sure that many of you have had one of these before and it may, very well, be considered something that's "old-school", but I just got mine over the summer (our school got a new one for every classroom) and I'm super excited!
First off, I was able to use these SUPER simple, but very effective two sided color counters in my math class. Yes, I know I could have used the same things at the desks (and we did), but it was SO nice to model it on the magnetic board a few times first!
I'm having SO much fun with it and I have some new things on my teacher wishlist to make my love for my magnetic board grow and grow! :) lol
And, here are the items that I'm wanting now that I have my nice, new MAGNETIC BOARD:
From Learning Resources - These magnetic sentence strips!
From Teacher Direct - This set of three magnetic SPINNERS
From Teacher Direct - A giant Magnetic FROG LIFE CYCLE set
From Teacher Direct - Jumbo magnetic BASE ten blocks set
What are some of your favorite MAGNETIC materials or activities to get students interacting with your big board???

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  1. Marie,
    Are the 2 sided counters magnetic? I have a huge box of them and never aven thought to try!! You know what I will be checking out at school today:)
    The Resourceful Apple


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