Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Science that POPS! :) and a FLASH FREEBIE!

Who doesn't love a good piece of bubble gum???? I know I do, and I am now convinced my First graders do too! I scored some MAJOR teacher points today with my Bubblegum science experiment.

We used regular Spearmint chewing gum sticks and a bucket of Dubble Bubble to go through all the steps of the Scientific method.

Our question: Which will make the bigger bubble, chewing gum or bubblegum?

I created Bubblegum Science: The Scientific Method Practice as a way to show my students that science can be SUPER KID-FRIENDLY and fun! They had a blast, and so did the other classes on my first grade team.

This activity set will help students with:
*Making a Hypothesis
* Testing/Experimenting
*Recording Data
*Studying the data to make a Conclusion

There are clear directions for the teacher, and Hypothesis and Recording Data pages for the students. I've also included hypothesis picture cards if you want to do a class graph on your board.

We only had about 8 students per class that could blow bubbles, but the rest had fun trying and measuring their friends' bubbles (and their teachers' bubbles too!).

I did this with my Firsties, but it would be a great idea for 2nd or 3rd graders too.

I'm having a FLASH FRIDAY freebie! The First two people to respond below with your email address and comment will get this FOR FREE!


  1. This would be a great experiment to use for our science fair! My students would love it!

  2. I am a new teacher this fall and I cannot wait to try this with my grade ones!

  3. Looks super cute.

  4. This looks like tons of fun. What a great way to intro the scientific method!

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