Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Froggy Freebie! Hop to It! :)

Love this picture! :) Don't you? This cute little frog looks so relaxed.... lol
Ok, enough of that! Onto the FROGGY FUN!
Look at what I found at WalMart the other day!!! This was not only a CHEAP find, it was perfect TIMING! My class is currently working with our Frog and Toad theme and these go so well with my FROG JUMPING activity.
Normally we talk about how frogs use their hind legs to spring forward when they leap. We make paper modes using cardstock and brads, and then we usually make oragami frog jumpers.
HOWEVER, thanks to this WalMart find, we'll be using these cute plastic FROG JUMPERS this year.
After we talk about how frogs use their bodies to leap (and compare this to what toads do), I will give students this page:
Just in case some of you would rather do the paper frogs (although, going to WalMart and spending less than $3 was awesome!), here is a HOW TO video for you :)



  1. Oh Marie! That frog picture cracked me up! I need to remember to use that as a writing prompt when I do Frog and Toad!

    A Pirates Life for Us

    1. OH, that's a great idea!! It would be a very cute prompt/picture! :)



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